The Shangri-La Diet: 5 Meal Ideas

The Shangri-La diet operates on the principle that the body associates flavorful foods with the nutrients it needs and therefore makes the body crave flavorful, high calorie food. By eating flavorless oils or sugar water between meals, you can teach the body that it doesn’t need flavorful foods to get its energy, and it will curb your appetite.

Using this technique, you don’t have to count calories or watch the kinds of foods you eat because you will lose weight due to lack of appetite. However, for the Shangri-La diet to operate at its best, you should continue to consume meals that are less flavorful or of a more unusual flavor than the foods you typically eat. Here are some suggestions for meals that you can eat on the Shangri-La diet.

Meal Idea #1: Salads

Salads are typically thought of as a side dish to a meal. However, a salad can be turned into a meal all of its own. Just toss together your favorite vegetables and drizzle with some olive oil. For some protein, mix in some small portions of lean meat or boiled egg whites. For more unusual tastes, use vegetables that you wouldn’t typically use and mix different combinations of vegetables every time you make a salad.

Alternatively, you can mix together different types of fruits for a fruit salad. Avoid using strong flavored syrups or creams when mixing this type of salad.

Meal Idea #2: Stir Fry

Like the salad, you can mix together vegetables and cook them in a stir fry. However, to make it less flavorful avoid using soy sauce. Mix together random kinds of vegetables in your stir fries—or differing amounts of each type of vegetable each time you prepare it. You can mix your stir fry together with rice. Go with whole grain rice, such as brown rice, rather than enriched rice, such as white rice.

Meal Idea #3: Sandwiches

Using whole grain breads with plenty of vegetable fixings, such as tomatoes, cucumber, onions and lettuce, and lean meat or fish, you can make different flavored sandwiches every day. Mix and match different types of vegetables and meats for sandwiches that taste different every time you have one. Avoid using flavorful processed sandwich spread, such as mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

Meal Idea #4: Sushi

Sushi is a food that has a flavor that is rather unusual for most people. To make your own sushi at home, mix cooked rice with vinegar and sugar. Whole grain rice, such as brown rice, is recommended for the Shangri-La diet. Toast seaweed and spread the rice mixture over it. Place a sushi filling onto of the rice and roll the whole thing together. You can try different combinations of sushi fillings to keep your body from craving any particular flavor.

Meal Idea #5: Scrambled Egg Whites

The most flavorful part of the egg is the yolk. By separating the yolk from the egg whites, you can prepare less flavorful scrambled eggs to keep your body from craving more food.

These are just a few ideas of great foods on the Shangri-La diet. Experiment around and see which foods work best for you and your weight loss goals.


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