The Self Defense Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing isn’t just a way to get in shape, it can also have benefits for those interested in self defense. If you’re studying self defense, a kickboxing class can be a great supplement. Kickboxing can help you learn the physical basics of reacting to an attack, including how to stand, move and fight.

Kickboxing Explained

Kickboxing is a type of sport that combines boxing with kicking. In competition, the fight does not continue once the opponent has reached the ground. Kickboxing can be practiced competitively, for fun or fitness, or as a type of self defense.

There are a number of styles of kickboxing. American kickboxing was invented in 1970 by martial artists who combined Karate with boxing moves.

How to Study Kickboxing

If you’d like to study kickboxing for fun, competition or self defense, you should take a class from a qualified teacher. Find a teacher who’s willing to give each student the individual attention she needs. Your teacher should make sure you warm up at the beginning of each class and that you’ve learned each basic step and technique thoroughly before you move on to others.

If you’re studying kickboxing for self defense find a class in which you’ll be required to spar with the other students. Sparring in this manner is the only way to prepare for an attack situation.

Improving Self Defense Skills

Studying kickboxing will teach you how to stand and move so that you can be on your guard and react quickly in an attack situation. Kickboxing classes can help you learn to maintain your poise and balance even while you’re being attacked, so that you can fight back more effectively. Kickboxing can also teach you how to kick and punch to protect yourself and fend off an attacker. You’ll learn the proper position in which to hold your hands during a fight, and you’ll learn how to block your attacker’s moves when he tries to punch, kick or grab you.

Sparring during kickboxing classes can help you learn how to react to an actual attacker, which is something you won’t learn from performing aerobics exercises or punching a bag. Sparring matches teach you to anticipate your opponent’s next moves and protect yourself from his attacks. Only sparring with other students in your kickboxing class can teach you what it’s like to fight for real. You’ll learn how to react quickly to your opponent’s attacks, to defend yourself effectively against his grabs, kicks and punches and to make effective grabs, kicks and punches of your own.

Kickboxing will also make you stronger. Kickboxing classes offer an intense cardio workout that will improve your endurance by strengthening your heart and respiratory system. You’ll build your core muscles and the muscles of your legs, arms and shoulders, so you’ll have added strength to help you in a self defense situation.


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