The Schwarzbein Principle Diet: 5 Foods to Avoid

The Schwarzbein Principle is a low carbohydrate, high fat, high protein diet created by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein. Dr. Schwarzbein, an endocrinologist, based this diet upon her research of Type II Diabetics. She states that a low fat, high carbohydrate diet creates sustained high insulin levels and hormone imbalances. Due to this, individuals are affected by chronic illnesses and excessive weight. When on the Schwarzbein Principle, dieters are advised to eat three meals a day along with two snacks. These meals focus on eating fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Carbohydrates are very limited on this diet and are only eaten in the form of whole grain carbohydrates.

Below is a list of several foods that are to be avoided on the Schwarzbein Principle Diet:

1. Processed Fats

On the Schwarzbein Principle, dieters are advised to avoid foods that are made with processed fats. These fats clog arteries, damage cells and accelerate the metabolic aging process. These types of fats include trans fats, oxidized fats and hydrogenated fats. Examples include walnut oil, sunflower oil and safflower oil. Foods that should be avoided on the Schwarzbein Principle include imitation sour cream, margarine, non-dairy creamers, pressurized whipped cream, half and half, deep fried foods, buttermilk and bottled salad dressing.

2. High-Sodium Sausages

Excessive sodium is unhealthy to the human diet and can cause a number of health conditions. According to Dr. Schwarzbein, excessive salt puts unnecessary stress on the kidneys. When on the Schwarzbein Principle, dieters are advised to avoid bologna, corned beef, pastrami, pepperoni, salami and Vienna sausages.

3. Refined Grains

Refined carbohydrates are not considered a whole food. By refining the grain, many of the nutrients of the grain are eliminated. Additionally, many vitamins, especially vitamin B are eliminated. Foods that are to be avoided on the Schwarzbein Principle include potato chips, bagels, biscuits, French bread, muffins, pasta, pancakes, pizza dough, pie crust, white rice, English muffins, puff pastry, cornbread, croutons, cold cereal, stuffing and dinner rolls.

4. Sugar and Dessert

According to Dr. Schwarzbein, sugar causes mineral and vitamin deficiencies and prolongs elevated insulin levels. Both of these situations contribute to an accelerated metabolic aging process. In addition to basic sugars, items like high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are also to be avoided on the Schwarzbein Principle. High fructose corn syrup leads to carbohydrate cravings, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and it leads to cellular dehydration. Artificial sweeteners contribute to the metabolic aging process. Foods that should be avoided on the Schwarzbein Principle include condiments, ice cream, jams, strudel, sherbet, pudding, processed yogurt, granola, pastries, syrups, candy, cakes, caramel, cocoa, cookies, doughnuts, frosting, protein bars and all frozen desserts.

5. Fast Food

Most fast foods include additives and processed fats, both of which accelerate the metabolic aging process according to Dr. Schwarzbein. Additionally, many of these foods include sugar, salts, chemicals, trans fats and carcinogens. In addition to being unhealthy, many of these foods are too high in carbohydrates to be eaten on the Schwarzbein Principle. Foods to avoid on the Schwarzbein Principle include fast food chicken, cheeseburgers, coleslaw, fries, burritos, rice and sodas.


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