The Rice Diet

The Rice Diet dates back to as early as 1934 when a man named Dr. Walter Kempner used a diet low in salt and fat to cure common illnesses such as kidney diseases and malignant hypertension. The term “Rice Diet” originated from the fact that each meal that the patient consumed was accompanied by a bowl of rice. Before long, it became apparent that the diet was not merely effective in treating kidney and blood pressure diseases, but was also a good tool for losing weight.

The Premise

Today, the Rice Diet continues to be implemented to treat a number of health disorders that now include heart disease and diabetes. In fact, Duke University in North Carolina offers a live-in program wherein the patient is kept on the Rice Diet under medical supervision. The program lasts for a couples of weeks up to a month. The program is also designed for patients who want to lose weight rapidly. So what is the basic concept behind the Rice Diet? The plan offers a restrictive food plan that is low or completely lacking in fat, salt and sugar. When following this diet, you also cut most (if not all) processed foods from your diet. These improved eating habits result in quick weight loss.

The Diet

If you wish to try the Rice Diet, then you need to follow a severely structured eating plan for the next few weeks. On the first day, make sure that you consume two servings of starches and two servings of fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A single serving of starch could be a slice of toast, a 1/2 cup of cooked pasta or a 1/3 cup of beans or cooked rice. A single serving of fruit could be any medium-sized fruit. If you prefer to cut up your fruit, be sure to consume one cup.

During the next seven days of the week, adjust your breakfast meal plan to accommodate one serving each of starch, fruit and a non-fat dairy. A single dairy serving could be a cup of low-fat yogurt or a cup of skim milk. For lunch and dinner, eat three servings each of starches and vegetables and one serving of fruit. If you prefer to eat your vegetables raw, eat one cup. If you wish to cook your veggies, 1/2 cup should be able to suffice.

Continue on this diet and decrease calories as necessary during the next several weeks. You may also add protein accordingly during the second week.

Things to Consider

Many experts believe that the Rice Diet is most effective when done in a controlled environment, such as in a medical facility under supervision. Otherwise, the extremely restrictive diet may prove to be difficult to follow especially during times when you may have to attend social gatherings. Another problem is the fact that by the end of the diet, most of the weight you will lose will include fluids instead of fat.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a weight loss quick-fix then the Rice Diet is definitely something for you to consider. However, if you are not suffering from the diseases mentioned above and if you wish to find a way to keep the pounds off more permanently without depriving yourself then you might want to consider other diets.


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