The Rice Diet: Sample Meal Plan

The Rice Diet is a specially formulated meal plan that has been popular for well over 50 years. With consistent results and the ability to safely and healthily promote sustainable weight loss in patients of a variety of backgrounds, the Rice Diet is a proven method for maintain your weight. If you can’t make the trip to the Rice Diet center in North Carolina, you can still participate in the program at home.

The general tenets of the Rice Diet plan involve foods that are low in sodium and rich in healthy carbohydrates. This means that there are restricted sugar plans, but plenty of complex carbohydrates that keep the metabolism functioning properly. By eating a set of balanced meals of this type, you’ll keep your body from going into a starvation mode that burns fat quickly and only for the short term. You’ll therefore be better able to sustain any weight loss that you do achieve. Read on for a sample meal plan for a single day on the Rice Diet.


Breakfast is a crucial part of the Rice Diet. It provides your body with fuel for the beginning portion of the day, and it also gets your metabolism operating as it should. Because the Rice diet does not incorporate snacks or outside eating away from meals, it’s especially important that you follow the program as it is outlined and eat breakfast every day. This will help to prevent you from cheating on the diet.

A typical breakfast on the Rice Diet might include a single serving bowl of plain outmeal and a small serving of cinnamon peach cobbler, prepared according to a special Rice Diet recipe to be low in sodium and sugar.


Rice Diet lunches are oftentimes larger than those on other meal plans and diet regimens. The reason for this is that the Rice Diet doesn’t incorporate an afternoon snack into the mixture of meals. You’ll therefore need to eat more calories at lunch in order to properly sustain you through the rest of your afternoon and to give you the energy that you need.

A typical lunch on the Rice Diet might include a serving of specially prepared Rice Diet pizza, a serving of a green leafy vegetable like bok choy, and a serving of a fruit of your choice.


Dinner on the Rice Diet is well balanced and flavorful. It willsustain you through the rest of the night and on to the mornign. For the best results on this diet, dinner should not be eaten after three hours before you plan to go to sleep.

A standard dinner plan on the Rice Diet might include a serving of a fish like salmon that is prepared in a healthy manner like broiling, a serving of a carbohydrate like rice or pasta, and a serving of fruit or a vegetable.

For more information about the Rice Diet, speak with your doctor or look online.


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