The Relationship between Sweating and Weight Loss

Only minor weight loss occurs due to sweating. When we sweat, we lose only water weight, which contains electrolytes in the form of salts and minerals. Only some sweat glands on our bodies secrete lipids, but only miniscule amounts at a time. Ultimately, the only way to have sustained weight loss is through keeping the body in a catabolic state, or cutting caloric intake.

Sweating Information

Our bodies constantly sweat in order to maintain healthy body temperatures. During exercise or any physical activity, our bodies compensate for the extra work taking place by releasing even more liquids. Sweat glands cover the entire human body and secrete plasma-like fluid containing sodium and chloride. On some glands, our bodies actually secrete lipids.

Sweating and Weight Loss

Our bodies and glands will always contain fluids which carry weight. Throughout the day, our fluid levels fluctuate, thus resulting in different body weight measurements. For example, after a long night of sleep, our bodies generally weigh less because we spend close to 10 hours without consuming liquids.

In order to flush the liquids from our bodies, we must sweat. This has lead many individuals to believe that sitting in a sauna or steam room will help them shed pounds. However, sweating does not cause fat deposits within our bodies to become depleted. In fact, we need liquid hydration in order to burn fat. By losing all of your liquids through sweating, the body has less of a chance to burn actual weight caused by fatty tissue.

Healthy Weight Loss

In order to lose weight the healthy way, we must consume less calories that our bodies normally crave. In other words, we must burn more calories than what comes into our bodies. If this does not happen, the body simple stores the excess calories as fat or usable energy. When the body does not contain an excess amount of food energy, our muscles and other working organs turn to fat storages for energy. This process uses up those fat cells that account for much of our total body weight.

With a proper diet plan and a prolonged exercise regime, you have the ability to lose weight at a rate of 2 pounds per week. By simply sweating out water weight, the scale will read a lesser value, but it will not stay that way for long. A good practice to properly sustain steady weight loss involves restricting the consumption of unnecessary food calories.

Sweat Warnings

Sweating too much has the potential to severely harm our bodies. Several people continue to engage in vigorous exercise in heated rooms or with sweat suits in order to further shed water weight. Although these practices undoubtedly decrease body weight for short periods of time, our bodies become over heated and often suffer from heat exhaustion.

Our bodies need fluids in order to carry out vital bodily functions. When we attempt to flush our systems to large degrees, we suffer a greater chance of energy loss, muscle fatigue, and even fatal heart failure.


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