The Rainbow Diet

The Rainbow Diet is not a fad diet that will make you lose a certain amount of weight within a certain period of time. What it will do is help you follow a healthy lifestyle that will in turn keep you slim, fit and healthy.

The Premise

In essence, the Rainbow Diet is a dietary principle that focuses on the colors of our food. Science has shown us that the pigments in fruit and vegetables are full of phytochemical compounds and antioxidants. These compounds and antioxidants help strengthen our immune systems, which in turn keeps our bodies healthy.

The Rainbow Diet relates the colors of our food to the beneficial pigments that are found in their skin, flesh, roots and leaves. This diet serves more than one function, as it keeps us slim but it also gives us a feeling of well being. The antioxidants in the fruit and vegetables that we consume protect our bodies against infection and disease. It can also improve the quality and texture of our skin, leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

The Diet

The concept behind the Rainbow Diet is rather simple. Each fruit and vegetable has a different color, and each of these colors offer us different health benefits. If we mix up the colors and try to eat at least five fruits or vegetables that are of a different color per day, we can improve our overall health and wellness.

There are no other rules within this diet. This means that we are free to eat other items such as meat, eggs and dairy products. This diet is not a diet as such, but a lifestyle change that encourages us to consume more fruits and vegetables per day.

Things to Get Excited Over

Listed below are some pigments and how they will improve our general health if they are eaten on a regular basis.

  • Red: Is a detoxifier and inhibits cholesterol being formed. It also protects against heart disease and some cancers.
  • Blue-Violet: This color maintains the flexibility of the blood vessels in the body and also inhibits cholesterol.
  • Yellow-Orange: This pigment improves the eyesight and strengthens the immune system.
  • Green: Green pigments helps improve the bones in our bodies, including the teeth.
  • White: White pigments help with allergies and also help prevent us from getting cancer.

Taking part in the Rainbow Diet is a good step towards eating healthier foods. 

Things to Consider

This diet will not help you lose weight if all the other meals in your diet are high in fats and calories. As the calories in fruits and vegetables are low, you will inevitably lose weight if you are replacing other foods with these. However, it will be at a much slower rate than if you were on a traditional diet. This is because you are not counting calories or changing other aspects of your diet.


The Rainbow Diet promotes taking a sensible approach to weight loss. This means eating five fruits and vegetables a day. Each of these fruits and vegetables should be a different color. However, you must make sure the other foods you consume are healthy and low in fat in order to lose weight. You must also exercise portion control.


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