The Potential Health Risks of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are all the rage today. Ever since Red Bull debuted in the market over a decade ago, dozens of energy-boosting refreshments have followed suit. Today, bottles of Red Bull, Hype Energy, Monster and other energy drinks line the racks of grocery stores and supermarkets. Even though a lot of people regularly consume energy drinks, are they really beneficial or detrimental to your health? What are the potential health risks of energy drinks that consumers need to know about?

Contents of the Drink

Before you can uncover the effects of an energy drink to your health, you need to know first what goes into them. Caffeine is perhaps the primary ingredient in most energy drinks today. In fact, a single bottle of energy drink probably has as much caffeine as a large cup of strong coffee. A lot of people turn to caffeine to give them an energy boost, but caffeine is also known for indirectly causing insomnia. Guarana is another common ingredient in an energy drink. Derived from a plant in South Africa, this ingredient basically has the same effects as caffeine. Guarana is still yet to be regulated in the United States and this is why a lot of experts exercise caution when it comes to products that contain the substance. 

Potential Health Risks

If you’re a fan of health drinks then you might want to learn about the various damages that they could be doing to your health. For instance, research has shown that an energy drink works by increasing both your blood pressure and heart rate. The body also becomes dehydrated and the recipient feels completely wide awake even though her body is craving for sleep. Needless to say, anything that tricks your body into preventing sleep that it badly needs can’t be good for you. The dehydration that comes as a result of an energy drink can also be disruptive, especially if you’re an athlete.

Energy drinks have also been proven to cause tooth decay, even more than the usual drinks that are associated with rotting the teeth such as sodas and root beer. College students who regularly consumed energy drinks also reported that they usually experienced crashes almost every week. A crash occurs when you feel happy and full of energy for one moment and then become extremely down as the pleasant feeling wears off. Students also reported how they experienced heart palpitations and headaches while on the Energy Drinks.

Other Options

If you spend most of your days feeling fatigued and tired, then energy drinks are not the solution that you are looking for. Instead, make necessary changes in your lifestyle so you can enhance your energy level. For instance, always be sure to start the day with a healthy breakfast to prepare yourself for the day. If you’re feeling hungry between meals, try to eat healthy snacks like nuts or fruit. Avoid snacking on sweets. The sugar can cause your blood sugar to spike up and plummet down, causing fatigue.


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