The Pocket Diet: Sample Meal Plan

The Pocket Diet was started by dietitian Caitlyn Lorenze and George Kashou, founder of the Kangaroo Brands bread company. This diet is unique in that no foods are forbidden–and in fact, you are encouraged to eat whatever you like–as long as it can fit inside a traditional pita pocket. You are allowed to eat snacks, which don’t need to be placed in the pita shells. But with parameters this broad, how do you know what will help you to lose weight, and what will be bad for both your health and your waistline? This article provides you with a sample meal plan for use on the Pocket Diet that can get you on your way to good health and optimal weight loss.


One great idea for breakfast on the pocket diet is fresh berries stuffed into a whole wheat pita. Berries contain high amounts of fiber, which is “bulky” and therefore stays in the stomach for a long time before being digested. This is important for you while dieting because it limits feelings of hunger, and helps to prevent overeating at later meals. A variety of berries, including blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries will fit easily into a pita, making it a great breakfast food.

Morning Snack

While on the Pocket Diet you are encouraged to eat snacks throughout the day in order to achieve optimal results–and since snack foods don’t need to be placed in the pita pocket, you may want to choose a small bowl of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is rich in protein, and unlike beef and pork, the protein is relatively lean and does not contain saturated fats that can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and death. This makes cottage cheese a great alternative snack for vegetarians who are on the Pocket Diet.


For lunch, consider putting a small amount of chicken salad with fresh spinach into your pita pocket. Like berries, spinach contains high amounts of fiber, making it a great lunch choice. In addition, spinach contains several important vitamins and minerals that are important for good health. Finally, chicken salad, when made with fresh, low or non fat ingredients can be extremely low in fat and calories, making it a great addition to your lunchtime meal.

Afternoon Snack

For your afternoon snack, grab a small container of yogurt. Like cottage cheese, yogurt contains protein, which is important in promoting strong muscle growth and maintenance. For best results, choose yogurt that is made from low or nonfat milk–this yogurt will be lowest in both fat and calories, and therefore will help you to achieve the best results on your diet.


For dinner, a great option is a whole wheat pasta salad placed inside the pita. Whole wheat pasta contains fiber, which as discussed earlier is slow digesting and therefore can help prevent feelings of hunger and snacking in the evening. Put fresh tomatoes, olives, and other vegetables in your pasta salad in order to get lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


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