The Plant Based Diet: 5 Great Snacks

A plant based diet not only helps you to avoid consuming animal proteins, which are high in unhealthy fats, but it also helps you to steer away from processed foods. On top of that, plants are high in fiber, nutrients and antioxidants, which help you to stay young and healthy.

Plant based snacks are much healthier than a bag of processed potato chips or a candy bar. And even though some of them may not seem as filling, they will give you more energy, and help you to stay focused throughout the day.


Smoothies are great at any time of day, as they are delicious and filling. If you keep them in a cool place they will stay fresh all day, allowing you to take them with you to work, school or a day trip. Use your imagination and blend together your favorite fruits with vegetables, and you may add nuts or seeds for more protein.

Pineapples go well with mangoes and a small piece of fresh ginger. For a tropical smoothie, blend together equal amounts of pineapple, mango, coconut flesh, banana, mango and ice, and enjoy. 

Trail Mixes

Trail mixes can contain anything from nuts and seeds to various different dried fruits. Simply mix together your favorites and take with you to snack on where ever you go. Nuts are high in protein and contain many of the essential oils, which your body requires.


Fresh fruits are always a treat and will give you a new boost of energy when needed, thus making them a perfect snack for the afternoon. Watermelon, grapes, kiwi, mangoes, pineapples and pomegranates can be consumed on their own, or you can mix them together with other fruits and enjoy in a small salad. Avocados also make for great snacks as you can eat them straight out of their shell. They are high in healthy fats as well as in protein.


Don’t limit your vegetables to only carrots and celery, but expand your horizon and prepare yourself a great vegetable salad to snack on. Brussels sprouts, leaf lettuce, onion, tomatoes, garlic and peppers are great together in a salad. For the dressing use fresh lemon, olive oil or make your own by blending together some almonds, raisins, carrots and celery along with lemon juice, olive oil and herbs and spices of your choice. For a thinner dressing you can add some water, or make it thicker and use as a dip for broccoli, radishes, celery and zucchini.


If you have a dehydrator you can make your own healthy and tasty chips to enjoy at any time of the day without feeling guilty. Thinly slice some apples, bananas, potatoes, radishes, carrots or zucchini and place in a dehydrator until they have reached a desired crispness. You can marinate the chips in your favorite juices and sprinkle on your favorite spices before placing them in the dehydrator if desired.

Snacks on the plant based diet do not have to be dull or tasteless, especially when the right foods are combined.


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