The Philosophy Behind the Weight Down Diet

The Weigh Down Diet is a method of weight reduction that utilizes healthy eating and prayer to help people lose weight. The basic philosophy is based on the idea that food can be an addiction, and with God’s help the addiction can be broken. The diet takes the principle that many people use food as a way to fulfill basic needs that aren’t met otherwise, and substitutes prayer and a healthy lifestyle to satiate the emptiness.

Bible Based

The Weight Down Diet is based specifically on biblical principles and passages. Not everyone is this religious, and the Weigh Down Diet recognizes this. The philosophy allows for any religion to benefit. Instead of relying on prayer, those who don’t believe in God can meditate. Other religions can focus on the worship of their choosing. The idea is to turn to which ever belief you hold to help strengthen your core and allow you to make better choices.

No Counting

One of the unique aspects of the Weigh Down program is that the philosophy has eliminated the need to count calories or track fat intake. Instead, you only eat when your stomach growls. For people who are stress eaters or eat with other triggers, this program can work well. When a trigger is brought up, and the dieter wants to eat but is not actually hungry, prayer is used to substitute food. The diet claims that by using this method most people will end up only eating 1/3 of what they used to eat.


One of the more controversial aspects of the diet is the fact that exercise is not only not required–it’s not recommended. The philosophy that your elders didn’t need to exercise to maintain weight is used as the basis for this idea. This can be problematic, as your elders had to work harder for survival on day to day activities, and sedentary lifestyles weren’t as common 100 years ago as they are now.

Nutritional Soundness

Another area that is lacking with this philosophy is healthy eating. While the program encourages healthy choices, it offers no suggestions. The Weigh Down Diet tells you to eat what you crave, and what you want, but only when you are hungry. This may or may not be healthy, depending on the types of food you are used to eating.

How to Make it Work

There have been studies that suggest that adding prayer into a diet is very effective. If you decide to utilize a faith-based diet, you can speak with a nutritionist regarding the best method. In most cases, eating in a healthy manner, watching your fat and calories, and ensuring you get all the nutrients needed for proper weight loss will be important. Exercise should also be included in any weight loss plan. You can still pray or meditate during intense cravings or boredom eating, but you should also incorporate a more healthy lifestyle in the mix.


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