The Park Avenue Diet

The Park Avenue Diet was invented by Dr. Stuart Fischer. It’s intended not just to help you lose weight, but to also help you look better and command more respect by offering tips on poise, fashion and beauty. Fischer believes that looking your best is about a lot more than losing weight; it’s about your grooming, the way you dress and carry yourself, and your level of self-confidence and degree of interpersonal skills. Fischer’s Park Avenue Diet promises to offer you self improvement in all of these areas.

The Diet

The Park Avenue Diet, invented by Dr. Stuart Fischer, helps you lose weight by restricting your calorie intake to about 1300 daily calories for a period of six weeks. But the Park Avenue Diet doesn’t aim to help you just lose weight; it also offers advice on how to improve your wardrobe, grooming, self confidence and interpersonal skills for holistic self improvement.

The Park Avenue Diet is a restrictive low calorie diet. You’re allowed three meals and one snack each day, for a total of about 1300 calories. You’re to remain on this diet for six weeks, and the Park Avenue Diet promises you’ll lose one or two pounds per week. You’re not allowed fruit juice, milk, alcohol, sweets or artificial sweeteners.

The Park Avenue Diet encourages regular exercise, which can help you keep the weight off in the long term. The Park Avenue Diet offers recipes and daily menu plans to take some of the work out of dieting. The Park Avenue Diet helps you come to terms with any psychological or emotional issues you may have with food, and it offers fashion and beauty tips and advice to help you improve interpersonal skills and gain self confidence.

Long Term Maintenance

The Park Avenue Diet is very low in calories, and it may be dangerous to combine this diet with excessive physical exercise. You may experience fatigue, hunger and feelings of deprivation on this diet, since it cuts out alcohol and sweets along with fruit juice and milk. The Park Avenue Diet doesn’t offer any advice to help you maintain your weight loss in the long term, and it puts you at risk for the rebound weight gain that plagues so many dieters as they come off of low calorie diets. The Park Avenue Diet also requires a substantial commitment, since it focuses not just on diet, nutrition and exercise but almost all areas of your life. 

The Park Avenue Diet’s advice about beauty, fashion, self confidence and interpersonal skills may be useful in the long term. However, the Park Avenue Diet doesn’t offer any sort of long term weight maintenance plan, and, because it’s a low calorie restrictive diet, there’s a strong chance you’ll experience rebound weight gain as you come off the diet. You’ll need to begin incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle after you end the Park Avenue Diet to prevent rebound weight gain.


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