The Organic Food Diet

The organic food diet promotes foods that are naturally raised and produced to help you avoid the ingestion of chemicals. Organic farming has always been around, but in the 1920s Dr. Max Gerson began to prescribe organic fruits and vegetables to his patients, which caused a greater interest in organic foods.

The Premise

Those who choose to go on the organic food diet do so mainly because they want to avoid chemicals, consume more nutrient-rich foods, and prevent diseases. They also believe that it is a more humane way to eat, as animals that are raised naturally are not as stressed. 

The Diet

The organic food diet does not restrict calories, or any type of natural foods. This means you can have your meats, dairy and eggs as long as the animals are raised naturally without antibiotics, growth hormones or any other drugs. The foods given to these animals must also be grown naturally without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers, and must not be genetically modified (GMOs). Likewise, any plants that you consume must also be grown naturally without any man-made chemicals.

The diet basically eliminates all boxed, canned and processed foods, as most of these contain artificial ingredients which you should avoid. These include sweeteners, preservatives, colorants and flavorings. 


Studies have shown that organic foods contain more nutrition because they are given more time to grow and absorb nutrients from the soil, water and sun. They are higher in essential trace minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, lithium, selenium, boron, and chromium, as well as in vitamins–particularly vitamin C, beta carotene and the B vitamins. 

Organic foods have also shown to be lower in heavy metals, such as aluminum, lead and mercury, which can cause Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. 

The diet can also help you to lose weight and keep it off, simply because you are consuming fewer chemicals that the body stores in fat cells when it is unable to get rid of them. Additionally, you will not need to consume as many calories in order to obtain proper nutrition because they contain higher levels of nutrients.

The Price

The organic food diet may be a little on the costly side, as it is more expensive for the farmers to grow these crops. However, in the long run they can help to keep you off costly prescription drugs and out of the hospital, thus saving you more.

Some organic foods can still contain some chemicals or traces of GMOs, as they are easily spread by the wind from one crop to another. However, the amount they contain will be significantly less.

You will need to learn to cook from scratch, as most packaged foods used to season and flavor your dishes contain artificial ingredients. Organic foods may also not be as easy to find, especially in smaller towns.


The organic diet is a long-term diet that you can adapt to in order to help you maintain your weight,and ward off diseases. The diet is suitable for everyone, including young children and pregnant and nursing mothers.


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