The Oprah Diet: You On a Diet: Sample Meal Plan

Follower of the Oprah Diet: You On a Diet recommend it as a great way to lose weight, tighten your waistline and to generally improve your fitness. This type of diet is designed to be sustainable and long lasting, and is specifically formulated to minimize the stress that is placed upon your body systems as you diet and to promote lasting results.

The focus of the Oprah Diet: You On a Diet is straightforward; the basic tenet is that the food that you eat should be balanced and nutritious and that you should focus on eating proper quantities of food, not on limiting the total intake. Limiting the total amount of food that you eat will lead to hunger and disturbances to your metabolism, and it will also leave you more prone to non-diet eating as well. Read on for a basic sample meal plan for the Oprah Diet: You On a Diet for a standard day.


Begin the day with a whole grain cereal in a single serving to help stimulate the metabolism. Additionally, it’s advisable to add a banana or some other type of fruit to the cereal in order to add important sugars and vital nutrients like folic acid, potassium and vitamins a and c as well. Skim milk or soymilk as well as your choice of coffee, tea or juice will help to round out the meal. The benefit of a breakfast like this is that it’s not high in calories, and it provides complex carbohydrates which require your body to work carefully to break them down. This will keep you more full for longer on a smaller amount of food.


A piece of fruit can follow in the middle of the day as a snack. Fruit salad is another acceptable choice. This prevents you from getting too hungry before lunch and keeps the metabolism going so that it’s primed for the next slightly larger meal a couple of hours later on.


A typical lunch on this diet would be a sald including fresh greens, mixed vegetables, walnus or some other type of nut, and a single portion of a light meat like chicken or fish. A light dressing like balsamic vinaigrette will round out the lunch. Water is the preferred drink at lunch time, as any other drink will not add to your nutrient benefit according to the meal plan and will only provide extra calories. A salad of this type will be enough to stimulate your metabolism further and to satisfy you. It will also provide essential nutrients and much needed protein.


For a second snack, cottage cheese or a single portion of plain vegetables is recommended.


A typical dinner may be a chicken dish that is baked or broiled as well as two vegetable sides, like green beans and light mashed potatoes. A glass of wine is acceptable as well. Dessert is included every other day, and no meal should be eaten within three hours of sleeping.


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