The Obesity Disease – Is There A Cure?

Obesity disease is caused by excess body fat that can cause serious health risks including:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • hypertension
  • depression
  • some types of cancer
  • osteoarthritis
  • a reduced life expectancy

Obesity is a leading cause of preventable death worldwide, and possibly one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. It is most often a result of a lack of physical activity, excessive eating, genetics, psychiatric illness, food addiction, and other medical issues.

Treatments for Obesity

There is no known cure for obesity, but there are treatments that are effective for some patients. For most patients, a combination of a balanced diet and physical exercise is the safest and most effective treatment.

Health care providers can recommend regular physical exercises and diets that will help to patients lose extra pounds. The balanced diet should consist of prescribed quantities of foods from the basic food groups including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, lean meats, beans, and essential fats. The exercise program should include fat-burning and cardio workouts a few times a week. Physician-supervised weight loss programs provide safe treatments for obese patients, and often provide behavioral therapy as well as nutrition education and physical activities.

Bariatric Surgery

Due to serious health problems, some patients may need more extreme treatments for obesity. Bariatric surgery is an option for those who need more help than dieting and exercise.

Bariatric surgery is used to either restrict or reduce the size of the stomach in order to make the patient feel full after eating small portions of food. There are several types of bariatric surgery for patients who have different needs.

Bariatric surgeries can be highly successful in treating obesity patients who maintain their weight with healthy eating and exercising habits after surgery.


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