The Oatmeal Diet

The Oatmeal Diet involves the extensive use of oatmeal, which has long been known as a healthy food. Now it is also considered an essential part of losing weight. While there is no one actual detailed diet plan to follow, there are suggested plans that all involve adding different amounts of oatmeal to the daily diet. 

The Premise

Oatmeal’s high fiber allows you to feel full faster and for a longer amount of time, helping you stick to your diet and avoid overeating or snacking. A study done at St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital at the New York Obesity Research Center found that dieters who ate oatmeal for breakfast were less hungry at lunch time. The fiber makes you feel full longer because it empties from the stomach at a much slower rate than many other foods, according to the studies.

The Diet

One of the more popular oatmeal diets recommends that you should eat only oatmeal during the entire first week of the diet. It is suggested that each meal consists of ½ cup of oatmeal. Equal amounts of skim milk may be added to the oatmeal if desired to add more taste and volume to the meal.

During the first week it is important that instant oatmeal and other forms other than whole oatmeal be avoided. By eating only whole oatmeal in the recommended amounts, you should be able to keep your daily calorie intake to 900-1200 calories for the first week.

After the first week, ½ cup of oatmeal three times each day should be added to the normal diet for the next 30 days. Granola bars and instant oatmeal are allowed to be consumed during these 30 days and calorie intake should average 1000-1300 daily. Suggested snacks for in-between meals are ½ cup of uncooked vegetables and ½ cup of fresh fruit.

After completing the 30-day meal plan, the regular diet may be resumed as long as oatmeal in included as part of one snack and meal each day. As with any other diet, fat intake should be limited.

What to Get Excited Over

One of the best things about the oatmeal diet is the cost. Oatmeal can be bought in bulk and is a very inexpensive food. In fact, your grocery bill will probably be much lower during the first month of the diet because oatmeal is so cheap.  

Oatmeal is known to help lower the LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol and does not affect the HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol. In addition to the high fiber content, oatmeal also can stabilize blood sugar levels because it’s a low-glycemic carbohydrate.

Things to Consider

The typical plan for the Oatmeal Diet has daily calorie intake levels far below what is typically considered for safe weight loss. Additionally, the Oatmeal Diet concentrates too heavily on one food source, causing you to lack nutrients provided by other foods.


While most every diet is eventually considered a fad diet, the one element that rings true with the Oatmeal Diet is the fact that oatmeal is a healthy and nutritious food. Any diet that eliminates all other foods can be dangerous, so as with any other diet, consult a physician before going on it.


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