The O2 Diet: Sample Meal Plan

The O2 diet is another revolutionary diet plan based on antioxidant-rich foods. The diet does not rely on counting how many calories are in various foods. Instead, it is based on the oxygen radical absorbance capacity or ORAC.

What is ORAC?

ORAC is simply the measuring of the antioxidant capacity of food. Antioxidants play an important role in the aging process. Although the principle behind ORAC is still a theory, many companies are developing food supplements that are rich in antioxidants. Their belief is that  it helps maintain healthy cells in an individual.

The O2 Diet

Antioxidants occur naturally in a lot of fresh organic foods. These substances are believed to prevent certain diseases and cancer. They are also helpful in removing free radicals from the body. Free radicals in the body damage the cells, and thus hinder the body from functioning properly.

When a diet is rich in antioxidants, the body will feel a good deal of energy that is innate in every human being. Processed foods in the market cause free radicals to build up in the body. This causes the parts of the body not to function at their optimum levels. With an antioxidant-rich diet, the body will feel more energized and thus burn more fat.

O2 Diet Sample Meal Plan

An O2 diet is comprised of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, healthy tea, lean protein and fish rich in omega-3s. The diet starts with a diet plan that cleanses the body and increases the ORAC points the body receives. This supercharges the body with enough antioxidants that will promote better health and a slimmer figure. The O2 diet should be maintained to sustain a slim figure and the overall wellness of the body.

Here is a sample O2 diet for a four-day cleanse. For breakfast, eat an egg complete with its yolk and three more eggs without the yolk. Instead of drinking water, drink lemon mixed in water as well as green tea. For snack, eat a piece of apple. For lunch, include at most 4 ounces of fish, spinach dipped in vinegar, eight pecan nuts, and a glass of water mixed with lemon. As an afternoon snack, have green tea and munch on some steamed artichoke. Follow this simple diet plan for four days in order to cleanse the body and charge it with antioxidants.

Here’s another meal plan after the cleansing period. Include in your breakfast 8 pecans, six ounces of slim yogurt, a peach and cinnamon. For a morning snack, have several bites of celery with almond butter. For lunch, indulge in a bowl of quick cob salad. For an afternoon snack, eat on half a cup of blueberries, 2 ounces of pomegranate juice and 6 ounces of slim yogurt. For dinner enjoy a salmon dish in raspberry sauce. 

Maintain a diet rich in antioxidants and begin to see the difference. It promotes a feeling of wellness and a noticeable drop in weight caused by the reduction of excess body fat. 


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