The No Sugar, No Flour Diet

The No Sugar, No Flour Diet is a simple diet who’s name actually gives the details of the diet. By avoiding flour and sugar, the vast majority of junk food calories will be eliminated from your diet. While the concept of the diet is simple, it can be a time-consuming process of reading labels and determining what foods are allowed. 

The Premise

This diet is exactly what the name suggests. Empty calorie intake is avoided by removing foods that are processed with flour and sugar from the daily diet. This reduces daily calories significantly and ultimately leads to weight loss.

The Diet

The only rule to this diet is to remove sugar and flour from your daily intake. By cutting out these foods, weight gain will be reduced because typically these foods have no real nutritional value. The foods that contain these substances are processed and can cause blood sugar spikes. Instead of buying foods with flour and sugar at the grocery, shop the outside perimeter of the store and avoid anything in the middle. By following this advice, you will be forced to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh cuts of meat, and dairy products. You still need to watch calories, but by eating fresh foods and avoiding flour and sugar, you will be able to drastically speed up your metabolism and reduce body fat.

What to Get Excited Over

By taking the sugar out of the diet, the bulk of fat calories that are consumed by most people is reduced. This causes body fat to shrink significantly as long as the calories aren’t being replaced in some other way. Removing flour also removes hydrogenated oil from the diet, reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Things to Consider

Foods made with flour and sugar are calorie dense, which means that the calories content is high in small amounts of food.

Large quantities of sugar can result in what is known as a “sugar-high” and then a “sugar-crash”. Many people gobble up large amounts of sugar in an attempt to gain energy, when all they are actually doing is setting themselves up for the crash. The sugar causes a surge to your insulin levels and in turn affects energy levels. Sugar is also converted to fat in your body, causing fat levels to increase at a faster rate.

The Verdict

This diet essentially has the right idea by avoiding processed foods which add little or no nutritional value to the daily diet. However, it fails to direct you to the right foods to eat. To make this diet effective, additional research needs to be done. You meed to know which foods are best to eat in place of those that are no longer allowed because they contain sugar or flour. For example, replacing sugar and flour with fried foods will not solve the weight problem. So it is not a matter of only what you take out of your diet, but also what you put in its place. As with any other diet, exercise is a key factor in accelerating and maintaining weight loss.



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