The No S Diet

If you’re someone who likes to look for dieting methods online, then you’ve probably come across the latest dieting sensation to spread through the Internet – the No S Diet. The No S Diet was created by Reinhard Engels, a computer engineer who was not only tired of being overweight but was also weary of trying numerous diets that only worked as quick-fixes, but failed to keep off the pounds on a long-term basis.

The Premise

The No S Diet basically has three simple concepts: no sweets, no snacks and no seconds. If you wish to follow this diet, you need to refrain from the three S’s except on days that begin with an S. This means that you are allowed to break from your diet during the weekend as well as on “special days.” Special days refer to holidays, social gatherings and other special occasions. When Reinhard Engels decided to give this diet a try, he was eventually able to lose 40 pounds. What’s even better is that he was able to keep the pounds off year after year, unlike in the other diets he tried wherein he eventually gained back the weight. Because of his success with the diet, Engels decided to share it with other dieters through the Internet.

The No S Diet ultimately offers a solution to a common problem in Western dietary habits – overeating. A lot of people who constantly diet and fail, also fail to realize that most of their problems stem from simply eating too much. If you’re a typical Westerner, you probably eat while watching movies or TV, while driving to work, while at work and any time when you feel bored or stressed, rather than hungry. The No S Diet seeks to provide you some discipline so you can control your eating habits.

The Diet

The No S Diet recommends a wide variety of foods so you won’t feel deprived, unlike in many other restrictive diets. Naturally, fruits and vegetables are highly recommended. Healthy sources of carbs that you might want to try are brown rice, oatmeal, pasta and rye bread. Be sure to consume plenty of proteins as well by eating chicken, fish and lean meat. Peanut butter, eggs and cheese are also recommended.

What to Get Excited Over

If you’re someone who doesn’t like structured and restrictive diets, the No S Diet may be the ideal one for you. Not only will you not have to count calories, but you also won’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods. You merely limit and control your indulgences. Another major benefit of the No S Diet is that you get to adopt a lifestyle that will help you keep the weight off permanently.

Things to Consider

Like all diets, the No S Diet is not free of disadvantages. For instance, if you constantly use your S Days to overeat, then weight loss will not happen. The No S Diet may also not be a good fit for individuals who are looking for fast results.


Overall, the No S Diet is a recommended diet since it focuses not just on cutting foods from your diet for a particular period of time, but on changing your lifestyle as a whole. As long as you don’t overeat on S days, you can eventually work you way to a slimmer and healthier you.


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