The No Grain Diet: 6 Snack Ideas

Dieting does not have to equal starvation, even in the No Grain Diet. This type of diet plan gets rid of anything starchy, sugary, or sweet. It may cause heartbreaks for those with sweet tooth, while vegetarians may find this difficult to follow since energy and strength come from grains. Here are six great snack ideas you can try while following the no grain diet. 

Spinach and Aragula Salad

Have a healthier morning with a combination of spinach and aragula. Make sure they are both raw. Toss some scallions or spring onions for diversity and squeeze lemon juice or sprinkle olive oil for a more enhanced flavour. Add some black pepper to further boost the immune system. (Remove the spice, though, if on a blood type diet, particularly B and AB).

Plain Yogurt

For a creamy treat on a sunny afternoon, open a cup of plain yogurt. Eat as is or combined with seasonal fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, as well as different kinds of nuts and seeds.

Make sure the yogurt does not contain a very high level of sugar or carbohydrates. Choose one that does contain millions of microbacteria that can help maintain the intestinal flora.

Spinach Salad

Spinach is a superfood. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals packed in a bundle of spinach. They can help in keeping the body in shape and the mind stress free. Moreover, one can combine spinach with other vegetables and fruits, like cucumber and carrots, for a great and crispy salad. Either cook lightly or eat raw. Drizzle with olive oil or self-prepared vinaigrette.

Miso Soup

Enjoy a hot bowl of miso soup, especially during the colder days. Today, the Internet has different versions of these, but one encouraged by the no grain diet is very easy to prepare. You need Dashi granules, miso paste, silken and firm tofu, and green onions. Cooking miso soup may take around 15 to 20 minutes.

Egg White Omelette

Though best eaten during breakfast, consume egg white omelette for brunch. Do not include the egg yolks since they contain high levels of cholesterol. Cook a fantastic vegetable omelette with spinach, mushroom, and yellow pepper. Before taking a bite, sprinkle with feta cheese.

Turkey Bacon Sandwich

Not a vegetarian? Dine on one of the most delicious meats on the menu: a turkey bacon sandwich. Keep in mind the meat used. It contains less fat compared to red meat. Top with lettuce or big red tomatoes. Wrap with aluminum foil if you’re planning to eat on the train or in the office. If you cannot find turkey bacon, roasted turkey breast makes a good alternative.

The no grain diet contains various phases and sub-phases. Download a sample menu to get a better idea of exactly what the diet entails. Most of all never undergo a no grain diet without the approval of the doctor.


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