The Naturally Thin Diet: Sample Meal Plan

The Naturally Thin diet allows people to realize their potential to maintain a slim figure while eating their favorite foods. People need fuel to maintain their everyday activities and food is a very important aspect of living since it provides the body with essential fuel.

There are plenty of diet plans of available in books, e-books, and other informative material. However, most of these books provide a lot of mixed ideas that can confuse the average person. When planning for a diet, it is best to stick with the diet plan to see if it works. If not, it is best to check out other diet regimens.

The Diet

The Naturally Thin diet relies on certain principles in order to work. First of all, a person can eat any type of food she likes as long as it is kept in proportion. To keep the body in slim shape, avoid overeating and start eating foods in smaller portions. Eat as many times in a day as you like, but remember to divide the meals into smaller portions. In addition, it is also recommended not to be obsessed about getting thin. It is natural to eat, just keep in mind to eat whole foods that are packed with essential nutrients.

Recommended Foods and Sample Meal Plan

The Naturally Thin diet is a great way to tap into the naturally thin body most people yearn for. The diet comprises of organic foods that are not processed, e.g. fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. Drinking water can be replaced with fresh fruit juices, cucumber, and water melon. It is also best to avoid meat that is rich in fat and replace it with lean protein alternatives such as fish.
Here is a sample diet plan. In the morning, eat a vegetable salad and a glass of fresh juice. Hard boiled eggs and slices of beef are optional. For lunch, eat chicken with the skin removed. Add nuts and a glass of fruit juice. For dinner: tuna salad including a piece of fruit, e.g. orange, apple, or pear. For snacks, always go for a cup of nuts, a piece of fruit, or a multigrain snack.

Eating whole grain foods creates a feeling of being full even if eaten in small portions. When planning a natural thin diet, replace all processed foods with unprocessed foods as much as possible. However, it is okay to break the rules once in a while. An occasional burger or donut will not hurt as long as the diet plan is maintained.

During snack time, be careful not to overeat. The snacks may be fresh and organic, but they may ruin the goal of the diet plan if they are taken in excess. Excess calories are always turned into fat unless it is used, like in an exercise routine for example. In addition, make sure to eat more food in the morning and less food at night. Calories are usually spent during the day when work and other activities are being done.


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