The Most Dangerous Pesticides Found in Foods

Your efforts to eat healthy and nutritious foods may be in vain if pesticides were used on the foods you buy from the supermarket. Food manufacturers grow vegetables and fruits for mass productions so quality is very important. The use of pesticides make sure that bugs, insects and other pests do not ruin the crops. However, you should ask yourself what effects, if any, these pesticides will have on you.

The following pesticides are some of the most dangerous found in foods. You need to be aware and make sure that these pesticides were not used on the foods you purchase and eat.

Methyl Bromide

Methyl bromide has a very high level of toxicity. Effects of extreme exposure to this pesticide can be fatal. It may be absorbed through your skin or it may be inhaled. It can cause severe chemical burns on the eyes, skin and airways. It can devastatingly damage your lungs, kidneys and your central nervous system.

Methyl bromide is mainly used on strawberry plantations. Always check to see if the strawberries you buy are methyl bromide-free.


Even though Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane was banned in the United States in 1972 for agricultural purposes, DDT residue can still be found in some foods such as meat, fish and dairy products because of environmental persistence, illegal use and importation of foods contaminated with DDT.

You may inquire about the supermarket’s food source to make sure that the store’s foods are not imported from countries that still use DDT. This will lessen your risk of consuming foods with DDT residue.

Dieldrin and Aldrin

These two chemicals were designed to control the pests in soil, mostly for potato, cotton and corn crops. Because of the damage that they can do to the environment and to human health, they were banned in 1974 except for termite control.

Accidental consumption of dieldrin or aldrin in large quantities will result in convulsions and even death. It will affect your health if you are exposed to the two chemicals for a long period of time even at very low dosages–the chemicals build up in your body. Moderate exposure will result in headaches, irritability, dizziness, vomiting and uncontrolled muscle movements.

Dieldrin and aldrin break down very slowly, so residue is still present in the environment at very low levels. You may find dieldrin and aldrin in fish and shellfish that came from lakes and streams near a contaminated site.

Pesticides’ sole purpose is to keep insects and pests away from foods to aid quality production. However, residues are left behind in the foods. You need to be aware of where the foods you buy from the supermarket come from to make sure that you are not exposed to foods that are  contaminated with dangerous pesticides that can be harmful and even fatal.


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