The Martini Diet by Jennifer Sander

By Jennifer Sander
Publisher: Fair Winds Press (May 1, 2004)

Are you a food lover? Does the idea of cottage cheese and peaches make you reach for a girdle instead of a diet book? Why can’t a diet be enjoyable? Jennifer Sander shows us how a food snob can tackle a diet effortlessly, dining on wine, chocolate, and filet mignon. Spoil yourself thin with the Martini Diet!

Martini Diet Rule #1: Eat Only the Very Best
Martini Diet Rule #2: Eat Somewhat Less of the Very Best
Martini Diet Rule #3: Only Eat the Best at Mealtime

Eat only the very best foods. This means the freshest, highest quality foods you can find or afford. Sander teaches us to focus on the food, and enjoy every morsel. She advises us to avoid what she calls Ghastly and Tacky foods, that include food horrors such as ramen noodles and chicken nuggets. She also teaches us why many of these foods should be avoided, as they frequently contain trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and a variety of chemicals. Dining on the best doesn’t just treat our taste buds, but is also healthier overall.

Eat smaller portions. Remove terms such as super-size and buffet from your vocabulary. It isn’t as much what you eat, as how much you eat. One of our 3FC forum members once said “I’d rather have one tiny piece of real, imported chocolate, than a whole bag of sugar-free candies”. The real thing IS better! But, portion control is required, and that is the basis of the Martini Diet. Self indulgence doesn’t include gorging on fine foods. It involves pampering yourself, within reason. Sander recommends using a martini glass as a measure for your foods. The standard martini glass holds 3 ounces of liquid. She advises us that this is the perfect portion size for most foods.

Don’t snack between meals. Sander explains that part of our excess weight can be blamed on between meal snacking, which usually involves junk or sugar-laden foods. It is true that traditional snack foods are not healthy. However, many successful weight loss plans do allow for 2 snacks per day, if those snacks are well chosen. We recommend applying the Martini Diet philosophy to carefully planned snacks, to round out your day.

The Martini Diet book is filled with humor, celebrity anecdotes, and even fitness tips. Yes, self indulgence includes being good to your body by exercising regularly. Instead of aerobics, we are given suggestions of horseback riding, ballet classes, and fencing.

What does the self indulgent dieter eat? Sander shares her favorite recipes to help us dine gracefully at home. We can enjoy sour cream waffles, bourbon cheese straws, prime rib roast, and even chocolate fudge cake.

We enjoyed reading the Martini Diet and think our lives would be a little nicer if we can apply this philosophy to our own lives. We recommend picking up a copy to read while you have your next pedicure or bubble bath.


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