The Marilu Henner Diet

The Marilu Henner diet, often referred to as the Total Health Makeover, is an eating and lifestyle program that encourages healthy choices to boost your spirits, detoxify your body and help you lose unwanted pounds. As with many successful diet programs, the focus is not on weight loss, but rather on learning to make healthier choices that will increase energy, balance your mind and help to release toxins that have built up over time. One of the side effects of successfully making these choices is weight loss. Following Marilu Henner’s 10 suggestions within her 30-day health program will help you to learn a new foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Food Guidelines

Marilu Henner is famous for her role in the television show Taxi. She has written a number of diet and health books and offers a membership website for people who are interested in learning about her Total Health Makeover plan. Her diet plan offers guidelines both for food consumption and lifestyle changes. The following suggestions pertain to healthy food choices and omissions that you may wish to consider when following the diet:

  • Eliminate chemicals – pay close attention to the labels when you buy food. Don’t eat anything that contains chemicals, preservatives, additives, pesticides or hormones.
  • Eliminate caffeine – substances like caffeine and nicotine are drugs. Water is an excellent replacement for coffee. Exercise may help curb your cravings for nicotine.
  • Eliminate sugar – sugar is no longer a natural substance, as it’s taken through several chemical processes before it’s delivered to your table. Replace sugar and sweeteners with natural substances that have a sweet flavor. These may include raw honey, maple syrup, molasses or certain fruits.
  • Carefully select meat products – if you cannot eliminate meat completely from your diet, at least be sure to avoid meat that has been subject to hormones and other chemicals. Organic, vegetarian-fed, free-range beef, poultry or chicken is a much better choice.
  • Eliminate dairy products – dairy products are filled with hormones and other chemicals to keep them fresh for long periods of time. Try to eliminate milk and other dairy from your menu.
  • Combine foods – increase the efficiency of your digestive system by eating fruit for breakfast, protein and vegetables for lunch and whole grains mixed with vegetables for dinner.
  • Choose healthy fats – fat is necessary to keep the body healthy. Choose fats from natural and whole foods, such as nuts, vegetables and fish.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to changing your food habits with the Marilu Henner diet, you’re also encouraged to incorporate other lifestyle changes. Exercise is always an important part of any weight loss program. Discover an exercise that you find enjoyable, like hiking, swimming, canoeing or dance. Break a sweat for at least 10 minutes per day to keep the body energized. You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting sufficient sleep to restore your energy levels and give your cells time to repair. Proper sleeping habits can lead to more energy and an enthusiastic attitude, which is another point that Henner makes. A positive attitude can really make a difference in how you feel and how quickly your body returns to a healthy state.


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