The Longevity Diet: 4 Foods to Avoid

The Longevity Diet is based on the principle that reducing your calorie intake is the only dieting method scientifically proven to increase your life span. You’re surely aware that eating certain foods can lead to health problems down the road, while increasing consumption of other foods can improve your health and life expectancy. You’ll find that while the rules on the Longevity Diet are a tad more rigid than general calorie counting, the food recommendations are basically the same. Here are some foods you should avoid while on the Longevity Diet.

1. White Foods

White foods are all of those foods that contain refined flours and sugars. Eliminating these foods on the Longevity Diet should come as no surprise. Nearly every diet on the market tells you to eliminate white flour and sugar and to instead focus on eating whole grains. Doing so practically forces you to eat fresh foods, as most foods from a box or package contain some kind of refined sugar or flour. To eliminate white foods, shop the perimeter of your local grocery store. Most of the less nutritious foods are contained in the center aisles.

2. Dairy Products

The Longevity Diet explains that you’ve been mislead into believing that dairy products are good for you when really dairy’s only redeeming quality is the calcium it provides. Many dairy products are high in fat and calories, and the only people who really need them are babies and small children. While dairy products contain protein, it can be obtained from other sources. Since many people experience stomach issues or dairy-related allergies without realizing the source, you may realize in eliminating dairy foods that your digestion and overall health improves. If you absolutely have to have non-fat yogurt or milk, the Longevity Diet only allows those items back into your refrigerator when you are absolutely certain you’ll no longer consume full-fat versions or things like ice cream and fatty cheeses.

3. Meat

The Longevity Diet suggests looking at meat as you would a side dish, not a main meal. Fatty meats like sausage, ground beef and bacon, should absolutely be eliminated. Leaner meats, like turkey meat, bison and white chicken breast, can be used sparingly. Nuts and beans should become your primary protein providers. You can also use tofu.

4. Processed Foods

In general, you should focus on eating clean foods on the Longevity Diet instead of processed foods. As mentioned above, processed foods tend to be less healthy than clean foods or foods that have gone through minimal processing. Clean foods are usually comprised of only one ingredient: whatever the food is (i.e. apple, green bean, onion). Other clean foods contain very few ingredients, none of which are refined (think Ezekiel bread, trail mix). If the ingredient list is long, chances are it’s not a clean food. Become accustomed to reading labels.

The Longevity Diet can be difficult at first. If you’re accustomed to eating a meat-based diet with lots of dairy, the Longevity Diet can take awhile to get used to. However, with focus and determination you’ll improve your eating habits and transform your diet into something that will improve your health for years to come.


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