The Live Food Factor Diet

The Live Food Factor Diet was created by Susan Schenk. Schenk is an acupuncturist who has a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine. Schenk wrote her book to function as a guide to eating a raw food diet. According to Schenk, a raw food diet promotes mental clarity, weight loss, spiritual growth, longevity, emotional balance and ecological balance.

The Premise

The Live Food Factor Diet is based around the belief that eating a diet based on raw, uncooked foods helps promote numerous health benefits. A raw food diet means that an individual eats plant-based foods that have not been exposed to high temperatures.

The Diet

According to Schenk, when foods are exposed to high heat, they lose their nutritional value and increase their toxic levels. The Live Food Factor Diet is broken down into several sections. The first section guides dieters on how to begin a raw food diet.

The following sections have dieters eating three meals and two snacks on the Live Food Factor Diet. A typical day may include fruit for breakfast, olives as a snack, vegetable soup for lunch, raw crackers with raw cheese for an afternoon snack and a raw vegetable pizza for dinner.

For the most part, the Live Food Factor Diet is a vegan diet, but Schenk allows dieters to eat some raw fish, raw meat and raw eggs. Recommended foods include fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, dried fruit, sea vegetables, seeds, avocado, coconuts, olives, bee pollen, agave nectar, raw honey, nuts and miso.


The Live Food Factor Diet focuses on eating and fails to establish a specific exercise routine. Schenk does state that individuals should get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day to maintain good health. Recommended forms of exercise include yoga and walking.

What to Get Excited About

If you already follow a vegetable or vegan diet, this one may appeal to you. In addition to potential weight loss, several followers of the Live Food Factor Diet state that it has helped them make positive changes throughout their entire life.

Things to Consider

Followers of raw food diets often experience varying levels of malnourishment, specifically protein deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency and zinc deficiency. There is a section in the Live Food Factor Diet book that advises participants on how to obtain the essential level of nutrients and vitamins when following this diet. If you are following this diet to lose weight, you will want to incorporate a more structured exercise routine with it. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most effective way to lose weight is by doing moderate physical activity 30 to 60 minutes most days of the week, combined with a low calorie diet – between 1,200 and 1,500 calories per day.

The Verdict

The Live Food Factor Diet is a bit too extreme for most dieters. It restricts eating most common foods on the American diet. Furthermore, this diet may be very difficult to follow when eating out or traveling. If you do follow the Live Food Factor Diet, you will want to be sure you are ingesting the proper amounts of protein and other vitamins and nutrients.


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