The Liquid Fast Diet: 4 Steps To Start

Many people have actually lost weight by following a liquid fast diet. However, this does not mean that this is the diet for you. Liquid fast diets are extreme diets. They take willpower, yes, but they can also be damaging to the body if not followed correctly. For these reasons, please make sure you know what you are doing when it comes to following a liquid fast diet (such as the lemon juice liquid diet).

Step #1: Do Your Homework

Before you start any diet, you should do your homework. Learn the benefits of this diet and the side effects.  It is also beneficial to talk to your physician about this diet. For instance, if you decide to try the popular lemon juice diet, you should know a few things about it such as  the diet consists of drinking lime or lemon juice (or lemon flavored water), and additives, such as pepper, may be recommended. 

As you are discussing the idea with your doctor, tell him/her the type of juice fast diet you want to follow and any additives that are included in the drinks.  Next find out how long it is recommended to follow the diet (one normally never stays on a lemon juice diet for more than ten days).  Discuss this length of time with your physician, as well. Finally, read up on any side effects that may occur, and ask your physician about this matter.

Step #2: Decide What Liquids To Drink

On a liquid fast diet, you are supposed to only drink liquids. Yet, you still need to meet your nutritional needs. It is hard to meet your daily nutritionally needs in forms of drinks, juices, and even smoothies. If you don’t meet your daily nutritionally needs, you can become weak, tired, agitated, stressed, and even have difficulties concentrating. Over a long period of time, health problems may begin to present themselves, as well as kidney problems, stomach problems, and headaches.

If you do decide to try a liquid fast diet, some of your choices of drinks are: 

  • vegetable juices and fruit juices (these come in a variety of flavors and combinations)
  • smoothies made from vegetables, fruits, and other added nutritional flavorings such as protein powder
  • healthy teas, such as green and black teas

You should also limit the limit of caffeine and alcohol you are consuming while on a liquid diet. Both can dehydrate your body, causing your body to lose too much water at once.

Step #3: Decide On a Weight Loss Goal

What is your liquid diet weight loss goal? This would be the ideal amount you wish to lose as you are following the liquid diet. You should have a goal in mind.  You may want to discuss this issue with your physician as well. Remember, it is not healthy to lose too much weight too fast.  Plus, if you do, the weight will return.

Step #4:  Decide How Long You Want to Stay on the Diet

You shouldn’t follow a liquid fast diet for a long period of time. Eventually, your body and mind will begin missing solid food. Keep in mind the daily events that you have going on in your life.

If you do decide to embark on a liquid diet, follow the steps above to ensure your body has proper nutrients during this solid food fast.



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