The Link Between Breast Cancer And Vitamin D

In the battle against serious health risks, such as type 2 diabetes, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer, vitamin D and calcium may be significant weapons. Studies have shown that vitamin D, which the body naturally produces when exposed to sunlight, can greatly lessen the risk of getting breast cancer and also help defeat breast cancer that is already manifested.

How Vitamin D Fights Breast Cancer

Vitamin D causes your body to produce a certain protein which inhibits the growth of malignant tumors, most specifically breast cancer cells. Vitamin D therefore both helps to protect against ever getting breast cancer and helps suppress the cancer’s growth if it is already present.

Studies of Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

On November 12, 2008, Time Magazine reported that studies done with Vitamin D supplements had shown it to have no effect on breast cancer. However, these studies were performed with low daily dosages of vitamin D – more than most people consume or produce daily, but still barely over the recommended minimum. A more comprehensive study published in February 2009 by Sylvia Chistakos, Ph.D., shows that vitamin D in higher amounts does in fact inhibit breast cancer cells’ growth as described above.

How to Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

Being outside on a sunny day will help to increase your natural vitamin D protection – but make sure to wear sun block! You can also eat fatty fish such as salmon, catfish, or herring (herring provides the most vitamin D of any food), or have a tablespoon of cod liver oil daily. Eggs and beef liver also contain vitamin D, but in very small amounts.

The most recent studies show that breast cancer is inhibited by vitamin D, so enjoy some fish and sunshine whenever you can!


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  • Barbara Colbourne

    I am very interested in hearing of the possible benefits of vitamin D and its potential in protecting against breast cancer. My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer so I have always been vigilant in self examination and mammograms.

    I take 800 UI of vitamin D supplements every day as well as calcium supplements in my fight against ostereoposis, which I have. Maybe researchers could monitor people like myself who are already taking this vitamin, since as I understand the delay in getting the proper studies done is because of costs.