The Lifestyle Cut Diet

The Lifestyle Cut Diet was created by Derek Chalebois. Chalebois is a certified personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder and he holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. The Lifestyle Cut Diet is designed to help individuals lose weight and maintain the lean physique of a bodybuilder without the stress of competition.

The Premise

The main focus of the Lifestyle Cut Diet is to have individuals maximize their metabolic rate. The higher the resting metabolic rate a person has, the more calories their body naturally burns in a day. By raising this level, many individuals will lose weight due to the calorie deficit it creates. One of the main ways Chalebois recommends increasing metabolic rate is by eating numerous small meals spread out throughout the day. By following his meal plan, Chalebois states that individuals will balance blood sugar and insulin levels, and increase their metabolism levels.

The Diet

When following the Lifestyle Cut Diet, individuals will eat five to six small meals a day. At each meal, dieters are advised to eat 4 to 6 ounces of lean protein, 1 to 2 cups of green vegetables and 10 to 20 grams of fat. Chalebois recommends heart healthy fats like avocados and nuts for these meals. It is recommended that dieters never skip a meal.

Recommended foods on the Lifestyle Cut Diet include lean cuts of beef, turkey, seafood, chicken, low fat dairy, eggs, green vegetables, mushrooms, grapefruits, mangos, bananas, mangos, whole wheat bread and pastas, oatmeal, peanut butter, avocado, olive oil and flaxseed.


Individuals are advised to complete four to five strength training sessions a week when following the Lifestyle Cut Diet. Chalebois recommends 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise before or after each strength training session. This will lead to muscle definition, strength, toning and weight loss.

What To Get Excited About

The Lifestyle Cut Diet does not force dieters to count calories; instead, dieters will focus on eating food groups. For example, Chalebois recommends that dieters aim to have two to three pieces of fruit a day. The Lifestyle Cut Diet is an extremely flexible diet that allows individuals to customize meals to their schedule and preferences. Chalebois recommends that dieters follow his recommendations 85% of the time. Additionally, the Lifestyle Cut Diet allows for two to three cheat meals a week, where dieters are allowed to nearly double the calories of their normal meal.

Things to Consider

An aspect of the Lifestyle Cut Diet that some dieters may find confusing or difficult to follow is Chalebois’ recommendation that carbohydrates and proteins should never be eaten without also eating a fat.


For individuals who aim to increase their lean body mass and muscle definition, the Lifestyle Cut Diet is a good choice. Chalebois’ program is based upon scientific research and it will help many individuals lose weight and enhance their physique without following a strict fitness and diet regime.


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