The Life Fitness Exercise Bike

Like other Life Fitness products, the Life Fitness Exercise Bike is a great product with many club-quality features, including a heart-rate monitor and automatic resistance changes, to keep you in your desired heart-rate zone. Available in upright and recumbent varieties, these bikes are perfect if you are looking for an upper-end bike and have the money to spend on it.


Averaging around $1800, these bikes are some of the priciest on the market, but they do offer many features that the more inexpensive bikes do not. These bikes are sturdy and can support up to 400 pounds, which is one of the highest weight limits of all competitors. The steel frame and ergonomic design of these bikes also makes for a very comfortable ride.


Many of these bikes also require no power cords, so you have more versatility on where to place the bike. Once you start pedaling, the LCD console will light up, and you can select one of up to 20 resistance levels or programmable workouts. The Life Fitness line of bikes are all very user-friendly and easy to quickly master.

Life Fitness bikes are also known to be very quiet in their operation, with high-end engineering that delivers a virtually silent ride. Many also feature a reading rack, dual accessory tray, and water bottle holder.


Overall, Life Fitness bikes are top-of-the-line and deliver a great workout (that rivals anything you will have at a health club). The high-quality construction makes it an excellent choice. The cost can be prohibitive for many, but if you can spend this much, you will be very happy with a Life Fitness bike.


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