The Lamb-and-Pears Elimination Diet

The lamb-and-pears elimination diet was introduced in the United States where neither lamb nor pears are eaten frequently. The diet has been modified and allows dieters to substitute turkey for the lamb in countries where lamb is often consumed.

The Premise

The lamb-and-pears elimination diet is designed for those who have many food allergies, in order to help them discover which foods they are allergic to. Food allergies can cause many ailments such as migraine headaches, asthma symptoms, eczema and other skin conditions and irritable bowel syndrome. The lamb-and-pears diet can help to pinpoint exactly which foods are causing the symptoms, so the individual can eliminate them from their diet.

The Diet

The diet itself is very bland, as you eliminate all foods except for lamb and pears, or turkey and pears. You stick with this diet for about two weeks until your symptoms are gone, or for as long as your health care provider advises.

At this time you may reintroduce your regular foods, one at a time, paying close attention as to whether any of your symptoms reappear. If you are allergic to a particular food, the symptoms will reappear, and thus you will know exactly which foods are making you sick. After you have reintroduced a certain food, and no symptoms appear for two or three days after, then you are ready to reintroduce the next food. 

A food diary will help you to keep track of your foods and the symptoms (if any), that occur from each food.

What to Get Excited Over

The lamb-and-pears elimination diet can help you to pinpoint exactly which foods are making you sick. You can then eliminate these foods from your diet permanently so that you can overcome any symptoms and common ailments that are caused by these foods.

In some cases, your body may be able to heal itself to the point where you can eat certain foods again that you once were allergic to, without any symptoms. It can help you feel so good that you might not be able to remember the last time you felt this way.

Things to Consider

Any kind of elimination diet should always be done under the supervision of a health care provider. Taking matters into your own hands and eliminating certain foods, or reintroducing certain foods, can cause serious complications.

The diet is very bland, and if you go on this diet you will need a lot of discipline and willpower, as food cravings will arise. Your body is most likely to go through a food withdrawal stage, which can last up to seven days. You may feel very tired, irritable and suffer from headaches.

The Verdict

The lamb-and-pears elimination diet is great for those who are allergic to many different foods, as it can help to bring relief from many symptoms. However, due to the nature of this diet, it should only be done for a short period of time, as nutritional deficiencies can easily arise. This diet is very strict, and may not be suitable for everyone, especially for pregnant mothers.


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