The Karl Lagerfeld Diet: Sample Meal Plan

When the fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld wanted to lose weight he developed the Karl Lagerfeld diet. He successfully lost 92 pounds in just over twelve months with the help of Dr. Jean Claude Houdret, a nutrition specialist. Lagerfeld’s goal was to fit into slimmer clothes designed for men.

The Diet

The Karl Lagerfeld diet is a book that discusses the causes of obesity through psychological behaviors. The book then leads with advice on developing will power and preparing for the diet mentally. The basics of the Karl Lagerfeld diet are simple: limit fat and calorie intake, avoid fried foods and refined foods, and increase intake of vegetables and lean proteins.

It is important to consume protein with every meal if you decide to follow the Karl Lagerfeld diet. This prevents losing lean muscle mass.

Recommended Foods

Rather than obtain proteins from foods, the Karl Lagerfeld diet encourages using a protein supplement, which Dr Houdret has produced specially for this eating plan. There are various flavors, from egg custard and cheese and ham omelets, to fish soup and chocolate. It is recommended to use these meal substitutions at least once a day.

Sample Meal Plan – Stage One

Breakfast – Consume fruits that are low in carbohydrates, such as pears, apples, and berries. Avoid citrus fruits as they contain a lot of natural sugar and carbohydrates from sugars. A good option is a pear and apple compote with a spoon of honey. 

Lunch – Low starchy vegetables like green beans, celery, cucumber, and red pepper. Fry these vegetables in a large wok using a tablespoon of water. Add black pepper, natural herbs, and sea salt to taste. 

Dinner – Skinless chicken breast with low carb vegetables.

Snacks – Fruit and water. Protein supplement shake. Use artificial sweeteners in beverages rather than natural sweeteners like honey. 

Sample Meal Plan – Stage Two

Breakfast – Protein supplement and fruit.

Lunch – Cheese sandwich on two slices of rye bread with no additional spread. Low fat yogurt.

Dinner – Chicken stir fry made with an array of vegetables. Fry in water and wrap in two corn tortillas. Low fat yogurt or fruit.

Snacks – Protein supplements, fruit and yogurt. Use artificial sweeteners with any hot beverage. 

Sample Meal Plan – Stage Three

Breakfast – Eat fruits that are low in carbohydrates. Add toasted rye bread or whole wheat without any spread. Low fat yogurt.

Lunch – Make a healthy salad of various colorful vegetables. Consume a protein supplement for additional calories.

Dinner – Lean pork steak with seasonal vegetables. Make a healthy broth from the vegetables. Eat a low fat yogurt after the meal. Unlimited water. Citrus or other fruits. 

Snack – An apple and another protein supplement. Use artificial sweetener with any hot beverage.

The program states that it is important to include protein with every meal in order to reduce any muscle mass that can occur with any calorie-reduced diet. Fats are not consumed to save calories, and vegetables and fruits sustain the body with carbohydrates, especially during stage one of the Karl Lagerfeld diet 


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