The Karl Lagerfeld Diet: 5 Foods to Avoid

Although better known for his contributions to the fashion world, Karl Lagerfeld has recently gained headlines for a different reason: The Karl Lagerfeld diet. In 2000, Lagerfeld lost about 92 pounds in only 13 months. Because of this, he decided to release his diet to the public, and it has received positive testimonials.

Like all diets, discipline is the most important component in order to be successful. This includes a healthy lifestyle that involves a fair amount of exercise, as well as eating the right foods. This is the area that causes dieters the most amount of trouble. It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet while still satisfying your taste buds, but it is paramount. You must remain disciplined for this diet to be a success for you.

There are plenty of foods that are harmful to you when you are dieting. With this diet specifically, Karl Lagerfeld suggests you avoid food that is high in calories, fat, and cholesterol. Here are the top five foods you must avoid if you decide to go on the Karl Lagerfeld diet:

Fried Foods

This should go without saying–any food in fried form is going to be bad for you. Fried foods are high in calories, cholesterol and fat. Although they are usually the most delicious of foods, fried foods must be considered an absolute no-no. Avoid at all costs.

Breakfast Cereals

Not many know this, but if you want to gain weight fast, eat plenty of breakfast cereals. They are a great way to pack on weight, especially if you are not very active. A better breakfast alternative is a simply low-fat yogurt, some toast and a grapefruit.


Although highly delicious, pasta is a dangerous food because of the high levels of carbohydrates as well as calories that it contains. A small two-ounce serving contains 75 calories. This does not include anything else that comes with pasta, such as cheese, meatballs, or bread. A better option for dinner is a chicken breast with vegetables along with a piece of fruit and low-fat yogurt.


Cheese contains all of the dairy problems that will prevent you from losing weight. Cheeses are high in fat and cholesterol, which must be avoided at all times. However, cheese is high in protein, but this small benefit is not worth its detrimental effects.

Butter or Margarine

Simply put, butter and margarine are not good for you. Butter is almost entirely made of fat and is extremely high in cholesterol. A modest serving of five grams contains 36 calories. This is deadly to any diet and should be avoided.

There are a lot of delicious foods that you must avoid when you are on the Karl Lagerfeld diet, but you must determine if you are disciplined enough to tough through this diet. However, on the plus side, you should successfully lose those pounds within a few months. In fact, the first few months of the diet will wield the most noticeable results.


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