The Karl Lagerfeld Diet: 2 Snack Ideas

The Karl Lagerfield Diet is a diet that recommends limited calorie and fat intake, along with low amounts of refined and fried foods. Dieters are encouraged to consume large amounts of lean meats and vegetables. If you are considering trying the Karl Lagerfield Diet, it is important that you include snacks throughout the day in order to prevent feelings of hunger and overeating at mealtimes. Below are two great snack options for individuals on or considering the Karl Lagerfield Diet. Try them out today!

1. Broccoli with Hummus

Broccoli makes a great snack option if you are on the Karl Lagerfield Diet. Broccoli contains several important vitamins and minerals that are essential for both good health and optimal growth. In addition, broccoli has a high fiber content. Fiber is a nutrient that provides no calories, and is slow-digesting–this means that it stays in the stomach for a long time before entering the colon. By staying the stomach for a longer period of time, you are able to stay fuller, longer. No more binging at the next meal!

Hummus makes a great dipping sauce for broccoli. Hummus is traditionally made with either pinto or garbanzo beans, both of which contain high amounts of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are carbohydrates that, like fiber, are slow digesting. Also, in contrast to simple carbohydrates which are digested quickly and therefore lead to a rapid blood sugar spike and fall, complex carbohydrates provide steady blood sugar levels. This prevents headaches, dizziness and other symptoms related to low blood sugar levels. Finally, hummus typically contains olive oil. Olive oil is one of the healthiest fats available. Research has found that it is effective in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and even some cancers.

2. Low Fat Cheese and an Apple

Cheese is a great snack for vegetarians who are on the Karl Lagerfield diet. Cheese contains protein, which is essential in maintaining and promoting muscle stores, and when low or nonfat cheese is consumed, calorie intake can be kept under control. Remember that one gram of fat contains 9 calories–therefore, when not eaten in moderation, cheese can actually contribute to weight gain.

Apples make a great addition to cheese. In addition, they make a great snack because they don’t need to be refrigerated, are easily transported, and come in a variety of flavors and textures guaranteed to meet the needs of even the pickiest dieters. Like broccoli, apples contain high amounts of dietary fiber. Recent research has found that in order to maximize fiber intake, it is essential that you consume the skin of the apples. It appears that apple skin may contain just as much if not more fiber than the actual fruit itself. Who knew!

Remember when choosing apples to look for ones that are bright, shiny, and have undamaged skin. Rinse your apples before consumption in order to prevent the spread of herbicides, pesticides and communicable diseases.


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