The Joy’s LIFE Diet

Joys Life Diet was created by Today Show health and nutrition expert Joy Bauer. This diet is designed around a four-step program called Release, Relearn, Reshape and Reveal. The Joys Life Diet promises to help individuals lose up to seven pounds in one week. In addition to weight loss, Joys Life Diet also teaches individuals how to overcome negative eating and lifestyle habits and promises to increase their energy levels.

The Diet

The first stage of Joys Life Diet is release. During this first week, dieters will follow the most intensive meal plan of the diet. During the release phase, all salt, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and alcohol are forbidden.

During the second phase, relearn, dieters will focus on natural hunger cues and rediscover the joy of eating healthy foods. This phase last for two weeks.

The third phase, reshape, has dieters following a customizable meal plan until they reach their goal weight. During this phase, dieters are expected to learn lifelong healthy eating habits that will help with long-term maintenance.

The final phase of Joys Life Diet is the reveal phase, which begins when an individual hits her maintenance phase. This phase is explains how an individual should eat to maintain weight loss. 

The structure of Joys Life Diet’s meal plan is the same throughout all the phases. Dieters are advised to eat three meals a day along with one afternoon snack. According to Bauer, eating a balanced breakfast within 90 minutes of awaking is essential for following this diet. Additionally, 30 minutes prior to lunch and dinner, dieters are advised to drink at least two glasses of water. At dinner, the meal should begin with a salad or low carbohydrate vegetable-based soup.

Recommended foods on Joys Life Diet include fish, chicken breast, fruits, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, egg whites and low fat condiments.

Exercise Plan

Joys Life Diet includes an exercise plan to help promote weight loss. The exercise plan has three steps. The first step is 30 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. The second step introduces stretching, interval training and strength training. The final step combines these exercises to create a circuit training routine.

What To Get Excited About

For individuals who like structure and guidance, Joys Life Diet has a lengthy list of allowed foods for you to choose from. This helps many dieters remain on the diet for all four phases because they are able to customize the diet to their own eating preferences.

Things to Consider

The first stage of Joys Life Diet is quite restrictive and some dieters may find it difficult to complete this phase.  Additionally, some individuals who have not been following an exercise plan may find it difficult to complete the advised 30 to 60 minute cardiovascular workout every day.

The claim that individuals can lose up to seven pounds a week may lead some dieters to have unattainable expectations. According to the Mayo Clinic, most individuals should aim to lose between 1 to 2 pounds per week.


Highly Recommended! Joys Life Diet focuses on healthy eating, working out and eliminating unhealthy lifestyle habits. All of these concepts will be beneficial and if followed correctly, most individuals should experience weight loss while on Joys Life Diet.


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