The Joy’s LIFE Diet: 3 Snack Ideas

The Joy’s LIFE Diet is a four-step program designed to help dieters avoid negative lifestyle habits and lose weight. Dieters are encouraged to begin creating a mealtime schedule composed of three meals per day, along with one afternoon snack. They’re encouraged to drink lots of water during the day. If you are considering starting the Joy’s LIFE Diet, you will need some good snacks to help you stay on track. Below are three great snack options guaranteed to be nutritious and delicious!

1. 10 Raw Almonds

Nuts of nearly any kind, but specifically almonds, are a great snack idea. They are loaded with protein, which helps to enhance feelings of satiety and curb appetite, preventing you from overeating at future meals. Almonds contain tons of monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fat is one of the best types of fats you can get. Not only is it slow digesting and therefore helps to keep you feeling fuller, longer, but it also boasts numerous health benefits including preventing the development of strokes and other chronic conditions. Remember when choosing almonds for a snack to eat around 10. Though these are a great snack idea, they do contain a relatively high number of calories, which can sabotage your diet if you aren’t paying close attention.

2. A Medium-Sized Apple with Skin

Apples are a great source of fiber. Fiber is a nutrient found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains that when ingested is “bulky,” and therefore fills up your stomach, helping to prevent hunger pangs. Fiber has many overall health benefits. Some of these include preventing and even treating certain types of cancer, including colon cancer. Finally, apples contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are essential in maintaining good health and proper growth, and might otherwise have been missed by dieting individuals. When choosing an apple for a snack, make sure to keep on the skin. Research has found that the skin of apples contains most of the most important vitamins and minerals.

3. Half a Cup of Baby Carrots and Three Tbsp of Yogurt

Baby carrots contain high levels of fiber, helping to keep you fuller, longer. They also contain many vitamins and minerals essential to good health. Carrots are a great snack food because they are easy to transport, don’t need to be refrigerated and are low in calories. If you are used to dipping your baby carrots into ranch dressing or other types of vegetable dips and are worried that plain carrots will be too bland, don’t fret. Yogurt is a great alternative to dipping sauces. It contains protein, which as we discussed earlier helps to promote satiety. Yogurt is very low in calories compared to traditional vegetables dips, and can be altered depending on your tastes. When selecting a yogurt, make sure to look for one that is made from low or nonfat milk and is as natural as possible in order to achieve optimal dieting results. Try dipping your carrots just in plain, unsweetened yogurt first. If this is too plain for you, add some chopped basil or rosemary to add an extra punch.


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