The Importance of Sleep and Exercise on Performance

Sleep and exercise aren’t just good ideas; they are integral to the quality of both your daily life and your physical performance. They should be handled with the same priority you’d give to eating healthy or regularly seeing a doctor. Here we examine why these two components are so important to your well being.

The Importance of Sleep

There is an old saying regarding sleep and performance. Simply put, “Well rested – Well Tested,” is as true a maxim as ever existed. A new study performed on Stanford University athletes showed that those who got ten hours of sleep a night performed faster and stronger than less rested athletes. The study also found that a full night’s sleep led to better moods and higher levels of alertness. This in turn leads to higher performance, not just in athletics, but in every aspect of waking life. Though this may seem obvious, many people who want to lose weight and increase their performance don’t factor thorough sleep into their fitness regime.

The Importance of Exercise

Consistency: if you want to do anything well, you have to do it often. This applies to exercise. A recent study done by the University of Georgia showed that regular exercise improves oxygen consumption by 11 percent and muscle strength by 33 percent, compared to no exercise. These two factors are key in almost any type of physical performance a person could engage in. The more oxygen you consume, the more efficiently you can process it. The more efficiently you process oxygen, the healthier your heart and respiratory system function. This, combined with stronger muscles, allows you to labor with less stress for longer amounts of time. A fit body makes movement easier and performance higher. The surest way to attain a fit body is through consistent exercise

How They Compliment Each Other

It’s a little realized fact that our bodies are designed for labor. They are designed to work hard enough to become tired. That is why muscles grow back larger when they’re lightly torn. However, lack of sleep can produce similar effects to over training. Torn muscles can only repair when they are allowed to rest. A healthfully exhausted body can only repair and grow strong when allowed to rest, too. Every day that you drive your body to peak performance needs to be followed by a night of completely dormant sleep. The beauty of this, is that a body that has been exercised during the day will more easily attain restful sleep. Problems of insomnia and restless sleep tend to disappear when challenging physical exercise is part of your daily routine. In turn, that full night of sleep will provide you the energy you need to move your body the next day. Its not a vicious circle, but a absolutely delightful and healthy one.  

If you’re interested in peak performance, you’ve no doubt already made many changes to your lifestyle. Sleep and exercise need to be two of those changes. If you are tired, or your body is weak, you won’t get very far toward meeting your fitness goals. Make sure sound sleep and regular exercises are a part of your daily routine.


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