The Importance of Fruit Nutrition

Fruit nutrition is a great way to strengthen your immune system, fight disease, and boost your overall body health. In addition to being great tasting, fruit can provide you with different types of nutrition benefits–included providing more water in your diet! Get to know all of the types of nutrition you can get from fruits, and plan your meals around trying to get a rainbow of them!

Energy Nutrition 

Not only do fruits provide carbohydrates that provide essential energy for metabolism, processing nutrients, and staying active, but there is also some protein in fruit! Dietitians will tell you there’s not nearly as much protein in fruits as in meats, but they do have protein.

Antioxidant Nutrition 

Fruits are loaded with most of the essential antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E and Lycopene) your body can not produce on its own. Antioxidant nutrients help your body prevent disease, fight illness, and stave off the signs of aging.

Amino Acid Nutrition 

Your body needs all 8 essential amino acids for proper daily health and disease prevention. Fruits, like bananas, incorporated into your diet will assure you get more than your RDA!

Fiber Nutrition 

Nearly all fruits are a great source of fiber that is critical for processing nutrients and eliminating the toxins that come from the food, drink, and the environment in which you live. 

Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition

As a top source of vitamins and minerals, fruit is a quick way to get even more than the RDA of all of them. While popular fruits like apples and oranges are very nutritious, less known fruits like dragon fruit, which provides an abundant source of vitamin C, can deliver a blast of illness-fighting phytonutrients to the body. 

With a limitless ways to prepare them, fruits are an easy way to really boost your nutrition and spark good health! Don’t hesitate to try some of the less popular fruits like dates too. They have proteins, lipids, carbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and much needed fiber–all in a quick easy snack!


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