The Importance of Breathing and Meditation in Weight Loss

Breathing, meditation and other relaxation techniques are useful additions to your weight loss plan. They help to ease your cravings, stress and feelings of frustration or depression that often accompany efforts to lose weight.

For many people, going on a diet can be a very stressful change. You may already be frustrated that you’re not at your ideal weight, and then you’re adding to this stress the challenging feelings that often accompany adhering to a diet plan. A change in diet, a change in your regular meal routine, a change in eating habits: this is a lot of change, which can lead to frustration and possibly to abandoning your diet.

Breathing for Stress Relief

Breathing exercises help to relax you. They bring oxygen to your cells. Taking a few minutes each morning and evening to practice deep breathing will help you to release daily stresses. You can also apply deep breathing in the more difficult moments of your day. You may be a guest at someone’s home and offered a variety of delicious foods. Saying no to your favorite treats or eating small portions in such a situation can be very difficult. Take a moment to take a deep breath. This will relax your body and remind you of your weight loss goals. You can also apply this technique whenever you experience a craving for foods on your “do not eat” list.

Meditation for Relaxation

Meditation is another technique that will ease your stress. Many meditative practices advocate that you put aside time daily to sit quietly and close your eyes. Make sure that your surroundings are calm and quiet. You might choose a word that puts you at ease to repeat in your mind. Examples of words are, “peace,” “joy,” “purity” or another word that works for you. This helps to clear your mind of persistent thoughts. Just the practice of clearing the mind of specific and random thoughts can have a relaxing effect. People who meditate often express a reduction in cravings. This is because meditation helps to get to the core of many of the emotional issues that often lead to food cravings.

Combining Meditation and Exercise

Another way that breathing and meditation assist with weight loss is when they are combined with walking. A walking meditation is an activity that allows you to go for a long walk in settings that put you at ease. As you walk, focus only on the natural and beautiful things in your environment. Consciously move your thoughts away from your daily stresses. At the end of your walking meditation, you will often feel more relaxed and you will also have the added benefit of a calorie-burning walk.

While breathing and meditation are not the first activities people think of in relation to weight loss, they can contribute positively to your weight loss efforts. Just the conscious act of breathing to relax yourself and meditating to get your mind off of stressful thoughts can help to combat food cravings and give you the inner peace you need to stick to your diet plan.


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