The How The Rich Get Thin Diet

Created by Dr. Jana Klauer, How the Rich Get Thin, is a diet designed to provide the secrets of thin, wealthy Park Avenue women to the general public.

The Premise

According to Dr. Klauer, anyone can get thin on the How the Rich Get Thin diet. The diet includes a daily exercise routine combined with a high-protein, whole foods diet.

The meal plan on the How the Rich Get Thin diet is based on low-carbohydrate, high-protein meals. To make this slightly different from other low-carbohydrate diets on the market, the How the Rich Get Thin diet promotes low-fat dairy and eliminates all processed foods, including any nutritional bars.

The Diet

The How the Rich Get Thin Diet has three separate phases. During all phases, dieters focus on eating high-quality, lean proteins along with a large amount of low-fat dairy and non-starchy vegetables.

During phase one, dieters eat an extremely high-protein, low-calorie diet for three days. This supposedly helps jump start weight loss and promotes the body to eliminate any retained water.

During the second phase, dieters eat high-quality proteins like organic chicken, dairy, eggs and fish. Dieters are allowed three meals and three snacks a day. Dieters are advised to remain in the second phase of the diet until they are within five pounds of their goal weight.

Dieters are not allowed any fruit until the second week of the diet. During the third week, legumes, such as peas, lentils and garbanzo beans are reintroduced. Finally, in weeks four, five and six, dieters are allowed to eat sweet potatoes, nuts and whole grains and breads. 

The final phase of the How the Rich Get Thin Diet is considered the maintenance plan. Many of the eliminated foods are reintroduced into the dieters meal plan, but dieters will still focus on an all-natural, lower carbohydrate, high-protein, high-calcium diet.

Things to Consider

The How the Rich Get Thin Diet is created by a medical doctor and bases many of its claims, specifically that calcium promotes weight loss, on proven scientific research. Additionally, this diet focuses on eating natural, unprocessed foods, which due to their increased nutrients and vitamins are beneficial to the body. Finally, the How the Rich Get Thin diet incorporates a reasonable daily exercise regime that should help promote weight loss. Individuals are advised to complete an hour of aerobic exercises each morning.

The How the Rich Get Thin diet eating plan is very restrictive, especially during the first phase, where you are only allowed to eat low fat dairy, eggs, green tea, green vegetables and lean proteins. The only approved snacks are lean proteins. Some individuals may not ingest enough calories when following the How the Rich Get Thin Diet to have enough energy to complete the daily workout routine. 


The How the Rich Get Thin Diet provides a fairly reasonable meal plan combined with a daily fitness routine. This disciplined diet focus on eating whole foods, lean proteins and calcium-rich products and advises individuals to avoid refined carbohydrates and processed foods. All of these recommendations, if followed correctly, should lead to weight loss.


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