The Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer

Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainers are a great value for the price, and they come with many features of higher-end elliptical trainers for just a fraction of the cost. With natural moving pedals and pivoting foot plates that mimic your normal gait, the Horizon series of elliptical trainers are really nice machines in the moderate price range (with several models in the $1000 price range).


Mainly sold at Dick’s Sporting and Sports Authority, Horizon elliptical trainers generally are packaged with numerous features and sold at competitive prices. These are not professional machines built for heavy use, but rather should be bought for moderate use. Produced by parent company Johnson, they are the forth largest maker of fitness equipment in North America and have a 20+ year track record in the industry.


Generally the $1000+ models have 18-inch to 19-inch strides, which is a comfortable gait. More muscles are utilized, which means a more effective workout (and more calories burned). Horizon home elliptical trainers also have oversized foot pedals with traction to reduce slipping, as well as the foot pedals being placed closely together to reduce the strain on your joints (and provide a more natural feel). Many models include mp3 and iPod hookups with built-in fans and speakers, making your workout more enjoyable.


Overall, Horizon elliptical trainer models are touted for their efficiency, durability, and they are recognized as an excellent value for the price. If you are looking for a trainer under $1000, Horizon has many to offer with a proven track record and excellent customer reviews.



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