The High School Reunion Diet: 3 Great Snacks

If you are on the high school reunion diet, there are three great snacks you can enjoy. As you wait for that special night, the diet will help you lose weight and get fit. With three meals and two snacks per day, you will trim down and never go hungry. From fresh fruits to vegetables, the diet helps increase protein and energy levels. The plan lays out a meal schedule, which should be followed to achieve desired results. There are, however, snacks that you can incorporate into your eating plan. Depending on your needs, the snacks are enjoyed most after breakfast and before dinner.

Cottage Cheese

In addition to your daily meals, great tasting snacks will prevent midnight cravings. A great snack you can incorporate is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese goes great with fruit, light crackers, or even on its own. It is full of choice vitamins that you need to integrate on a daily basis. Try to enjoy the cottage cheese without adding any salt or toppings. It is very important to minimize your salt and sodium intake. Like sugar, these ingredients can retain water and make it difficult to lose weight. The high school reunion diet encourages cottage cheese as a viable and healthy snack. From celery to cucumbers, you can dip these wonderful vegetables into the cottage cheese and enjoy at your convenience.

Cereal as a Snack

As you prepare for your high school reunion, you can also enjoy other delicious snacks. You should, however, refrain from drinking sodas with these snacks. The diet recommends avoiding soft drinks and high-fructose juices. These can lead to high blood sugar levels and make it difficult to shed those unwanted pounds. If you need a variety of snacks, you can also eat cereal. Cereal consists of whole grains and vitamins that your body needs. It is best to add skim or low-fat milk to your cereal. Eating cereal as a plain snack will also cut fat and improve your heart. This should facilitate your needs and keep you full for most of the day.

Tuna Fish

In addition to cottage cheese and cereal, tuna fish also makes a great snack. You can enjoy tuna on salads, crackers or even on its own. Try adding fat-free mayonnaise or dressing to enhance the taste. Tuna helps increase energy and strength levels. With so many natural vitamins, tuna is also high in nutrients. Whole grain bread can also be added to your tuna fish snack.

If you incorporate these three snacks into the high school reunion diet, you should see results within a few weeks. The high school reunion diet promises a drop of at least 5-10 pounds in two weeks. You should follow the plan accordingly, avoid skipping meals and drink plenty of water. You will shock your old friends and classmates with your stunning appearance. If you are looking to trim down, get in shape, and look younger, the high school reunion diet is certainly for you.



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