The High Protein Diet

The high protein diet is a popular diet in which you eat foods that are high in protein. In this diet, the idea is to not eat a lot of carbohydrates. This keeps the body’s insulin in control. Keeping the insulin controlled will help with weight loss by helping your body’s metabolism. The greater your metabolism, the more likely you will lose weight. In a regular everyday diet, most people eat 10% to 15% of proteins daily. In the high protein diet, the protein levels are doubled.

The Premise

The high protein diet was designed to help the body feel fuller; therefore, eating less food. It also helps the body to burn fat more quickly by increasing the metabolism. The diet will help you to lose the weight at a quicker pace, but there are many concerns with this diet.

The Diet

The high protein diet contains about 30 %to 50% of protein per day. High protein foods may include:

  • eggs
  • red meats
  • chicken
  • poultry
  • fish
  • soy food

You should not eat too many foods high in carbohydrates. When eating breads, eat whole grain bread instead of white bread.

What To Get Excited Over

The advantages of the high protein diet is that you will lose weight quickly and you get to eat some of your favorite protein-rich foods.

Things to Consider

With this diet, there is a high possibility that the weight will come back. Eating a diet full of protein may lack the other essential nutrients your body needs. To have a successful and long term weight loss, you should have a well balanced diet that includes protein but fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates.

If you are eating more proteins, then you are probably not eating enough of the foods that your body needs like calcium, fruits and vegetables. When cutting out these foods, the body tends to suffer in ways you may not notice immediately. When your bones do not get enough calcium, they will become less dense and possibly brittle causing breaks to happen more easily. Your body also needs the fruits and vegetables for fiber and other nutrients. So, if you are considering trying the high protein diet, make sure you give your body enough calcium and fruits and vegetables.

It is best to not lose too much weight at once. This may send your body into shock. Sticking to a diet in which you lose 2 or 3 pounds a week is the best option, and you will be more successful at keeping the weight off long term.


This diet is not recommended. This diet will help you to lose weight, but when you start eating a regular diet again, the weight will most likely come back. It is better to try a diet that is a more permanent option. Making a healthy lifestyle change to eat better and exercise is always the best option.


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