The Hidden Benefits behind Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are like any craving; they are a sign of something. When you crave sugar, there is usually a physical or psychological reason behind it. The benefit of a sugar craving is that it lets you know something is going on with you that is deserving of your attention and possible action.

Low Blood Sugar

One of the reasons that people crave sugar is because they are suffering from low blood sugar known as hypoglycemia. If you feel fatigued, have a headache or feel nauseous and these symptoms disappear after you have a sugary soda or sweet cake, then it is possible that you are hypoglycemic. Your doctor can check your blood sugar levels and perform a physical exam to determine if this is the case.

Stress or Sadness

Some people reach for sugar when they are feeling sad or stressed out. If this is a pattern for you, the next time you have a sugar craving, ask yourself what is bothering you. Often, dealing with the underlying cause of the stress will eliminate your sugar craving. Meditation and breathing exercises will also help to relax you. Calling a friend instead of eating sugar may reduce your stress. You will also be less apt to eat while talking on the phone.

Bodily Imbalance

Holistic practitioners see sugar cravings in some people as a sign of an overly acidic body. This often results from insufficient exercise or eating too much meat, dairy and refined foods. The next time you have a sugar craving, examine your diet. Have you been eating too much meat and dairy? Are you eating enough vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts? What about regular workouts? Have you been exercising enough? Your sugar craving is an opportunity to make some changes. Maybe go for a walk instead of satisfying the craving. Or make yourself a salad with numerous vegetables and a healthy salad dressing.

Fighting Sugar Addiction

The challenge with sugar is that it is an ingredient in so many foods. Breads, bottled drinks, soups, cereals, salad drinks, canned foods and even meats are just some of the foods that may contain sugar. It is easy to become addicted to sugar because of its prevalence. If you feel that you have a sugar addiction, experts suggest reading ingredient labels and choosing foods low in sugar.

Eat sweet vegetables to satisfy your sugar cravings. You can even bake with some sweet vegetables. Examples include sweet potatoes, beets and carrots. Raw carrots, in particular, have been known to be effective for satisfying sugar cravings.

Another strategy for lowering your sugar cravings is to choose foods that are sour or spicy. Eat a pickle and see if you still crave sugar. Or choose a sour fruit. You may also drink water with lemon to see if that eases your sugar craving.



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