The Hamptons Diet

The Hamptons Diet is a new twist on the no-carb diet. Created by a former medical director from the Atkins Center, this diet bears similarities to both the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet. While another no-carb diet may seem redundant, the Hamptons Diet does have some differences which makes it stand apart from others.

The Basics

The basics of the Hamptons Diet is not in removing all fat from your diet, but in knowing the good fat from the bad fat. Bad fats, such as polyunsaturated fat are to be avoided, as they are not beneficial at all. Monosaturated fats are considered to be good fats. One big part of the Hamptons Diet is the suggested use of macadamia nut oil as a cooking oil. While this oil is a bit more expensive than other oils, it is about 80% mono-unsaturated, have a very high smoke point and a pleasant buttery type of flavor.

When it comes to carbs, unlike the Atkins Diet, the Hamptons Diet stresses the consumption of healthy carbohydrates in the diet. Knowing that a no-carb diet is not sustainable in the long run, the Hamptons Diet has incorporated them into the plan. This addition makes this diet more of a lifestyle change than a one shot diet to lose quick weight. The human body needs carbohydrates in order to function properly, and it’s all about eating the right carbs at the right time.

The Food

The Hamptons Diet takes a few pages from the South Beach diet as well in the types of food to be eaten. There is a distinct Mediterranean flair to the diet. This does seem to be, at first glance, a simple combination of aspects from two different diets merely mashed together to create a whole new plan.

The Hamptons Diet stresses the use of whole foods, preferably organic as much as possible. In this sense, there is some good advice as we know that eating healthy and exercise is important to overall health and healthy weight loss. While there is a short phase at the beginning restricting certain foods, the overall experience of this diet has few restrictions. Most of these restrictions are towards unhealthy fats and unhealthy carbohydrates. Eating protein is also an important part of this plan, as most people don’t get enough in their normal diets.

The End Result

The Hamptons Diet has good points, but is is really a whole new and original diet plan? This diet does seem to be a simple combination between two different diets while stressing eating good carbs and healthy fats. Sustainable dieting, in order to prevent the dieting yo-yo effect must allow the dieter to feel rewarded and happy. The allowance of some carbs and even alcohol in the Hampton Diet is important to the long term success of those in the plan.

With exercise, eating right and following the Hamptons Diet, long-term weight loss can be achieved. When the diet turns into a lifestyle, everything seems to fall into place.


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