The Graham Diet

The Graham Diet was created by Sylvester Graham and promotes a diet that is based on a strict vegetarian meal plan. This diet, which was developed in the nineteenth century, merged both ethics along with diet. Graham, a Presbyterian minister, believed that an unhealthy diet lead to an unhealthy life. As part of this dietary plan, Graham created the graham cracker. This cracker, which is still found in many Western households pantries, is a whole-wheat, additive-free coarse bread.

The Premise

Graham, an advocate of vegetarianism, created a diet that excluded meat and alcohol because Graham felt these items caused immoral behavior. Furthermore, Graham stated that foods which contained chemicals or alcohol caused lust and other bad behaviors. The entire basis of the Graham Diet is based on there being a moral link between the foods we eat and the behaviors we follow. In current day, the Graham Diet is not commonly followed.

The Diet

The Graham diet focuses on eating fruits and vegetables, which Graham stated benefit overall health and lifestyle choices. Foods that are recommended on the Graham Diet include fruits, vegetables, whole wheat breads and other high fiber grains. Dairy is only allowed in limited portions. The only allowed dairy is cheese, milk and eggs.

A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains may be beneficial for many individuals who are looking to incorporate healthier food choices into their diet. In addition to focusing on these food groups, dieters will also need to focus on portion control and moderation, neither of which is discussed on the Graham Diet.

By eliminating saturated fats and high-calorie processed foods and instead focusing on whole grains, vegetables and fruits, many dieters may experience some weight loss. 

Diet Foundations

If you are a religious person and support Graham’s philosophy, this diet may be beneficial because it will allow you to have a spiritual connection between the foods you eat and your body and mind.

The Graham Diet is not designed to be a weight loss diet. This diet is based on religious philosophy and is to be followed for moral reasons and beliefs. The Graham Diet is not based on any scientific fact and is based on Graham’s own religious beliefs.

Following a diet that excludes all white bread, alcohol, meat and processed foods may be difficult for some individuals. If followed according to Graham’s exact descriptions, the Graham Diet actually would be a vegan diet. To follow the Graham Diet perfectly, dieters would have to eliminate all cheeses, milk and eggs. Following a strict vegan diet may be difficult for some individuals.


Not Recommended. While following a vegetarian diet may help promote numerous health benefits for individuals, the Graham Diet would not be the correct vegetarian diet. It fails to be backed by any scientific research and does not include an exercise plan.


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