The FullBar Diet

The FullBar Diet was created by Dr. Michael A. Snyder, who is a weight-loss surgeon. He created the diet to help people feel full while eating less, which should lead to natural weight loss.

The Premise

The FullBar Diet was designed to help people lose weight through the same principles that weight-loss surgery is based upon. The concept is based on the belief that by eating a bar before a meal, a person can still eat until they feel full, yet this feeling of fullness will occur sooner. The bars come in a range of flavors and each bar has 150 to 180 calories, 1 to 4.5 g of fat and up to 5g of fiber. The aim of the FullBar Diet is to naturally allow for people to control their appetite and eat less, therefore losing weight.

The Diet

The Fullbar Diet is simple to follow. Thirty minutes prior to your lunch and dinner, you are to consider your hunger level on a scale of 1 to 10. After determining this number, consume on FullBar and drink eight oz. of water. At this point, you are to reanalyze your hunger level. The high-fiber wheat puffs in the bar should be expanding in your stomach, making you feel less hungry. When sitting down to eat, only place the amount of food that you believe you need to feel full, not stuffed. Part of the Fullbar Diet is based on portion control and focusing on eating healthy and nutritious foods. Meal time should be 20 minutes and each bite should be enjoyed and savored.

What to Get Excited Over

This diet is convenient; prepackaged portion control and the bars come in a range of flavors for you to choose from. Any diet that advises eating a good tasting bar with chocolate can be appealing.

Things to Consider

The FullBar diet is not actually a diet, it is a food product aimed to make you feel full sooner, so that you eat less at the next meal. Yet, if you change nothing with your diet but eat an extra two FullBars a day, you are now consuming up to an additional 2500 calories a week, which could lead to weight gain.


Unless you have extreme self-control, this may not be the diet for you. You must exert portion control and make healthy food choices for this diet to work. The FullBar does not contain any chemicals or advise on any calorie reduction. To be successful on the FullBar Diet, you must utilize self-control and avoid mindless eating throughout the day and be able to recognize your hunger levels sooner to reduce your food intake.

While the FullBar is convenient, any food eaten before a meal with the same number of calories and fiber should garner the same results. The Mayo Clinic recommends eating a green salad or a bowl of broth-based soup to achieve similar results.


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