The French Women Don't Get Fat Diet: The Basics

The concept behind the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet is that French women only eat good foods that are of very high quality.  They eat these foods in small portions and savor every bite. This diet allows for flexibility and for you to eat what you enjoy. Yet, is this diet too good to be true?

Unfortunately for the French, the title of this book is a myth in and of itself. Women in France actually do get fat. According to the American Diet Association, the obesity rate in France is continuing to rise.

Slow Down Your Eating

The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet recommends eating slowly and enjoying the experience. By doing this, you will make your meal more pleasurable, and you will feel full sooner. The concept behind this statement is true, that eating with all your senses and being mindful of when you feel full should allow for you to maintain a healthy waistline. Yet, this habit does not necessarily mean that you will intuitively be able to eat less over the course of the day or be able to apply the necessary portion control.

Savor Every Bite

The creator of the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet, Mireille Guiliano, believes that enjoying foods to their fullest while keeping portions in control is the key to having a trim waistline. No foods are off limits. Yet, without intuitively knowing portion control or having self control, eaters may not be able to recognize or stop when they feel full.

Move More

The recommendation to move more in French Women Don’t Get Fat is absolutely a fact. The book recommends daily walking for women and weight training. If both are done consistently and continuously, then you will burn calories. By burning more calories a day than you eat, you will experience weight loss.

Fasting at the Beginning of Diet

A spokesperson for the American Diet Association refutes the claim that you must fast to begin any diet. While a fast may cause short-term weight loss, this is typically due to a loss in water weight or due to severe calorie restrictions. These fasts are not nutritionally sound and many people regain the weight they lost almost immediately upon resuming eating.

Reduce Portion Size  

The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet recommends slowly reducing portion size over time to eat less.  As long as a reduced portion size is not replaced with additional snacks or meals, then the concept will work.  If you consume fewer calories than your body burns during the day, then you will see a loss of pounds. If you are able to become satisfied with smaller portions, then this plan may work for you.

The French Women Don’t Get Fat diet may be a successful diet or lifestyle eating plan for you, but you must exercise self control.


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