The Food Doctor Diet

The Food Doctor Diet was created by British nutritionist Dr. Ian Marber. After several years of research, Dr. Marber noticed that low calorie high protein diets were no longer effective for several of his clients. From there, he designed a diet that focused on all food groups and was designed to increase energy and overall health.

The Premise

Dr. Marber believes that eating a range of healthy meals that combine protein, carbohydrates, fiber and essential fatty acids are the key to losing and maintaining substantial weight loss.

The Diet

The Food Doctor Diet is based on 10 simple principles. These principles include:

  • Combine protein with complex carbohydrates
  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat breakfast
  • Eat several small meals throughout the day
  • Avoid sugar
  • Make time to eat
  • Exercise is essential
  • You must eat fat to lose fat
  • Follow the Food Doctor Diet 80% of the time

The meal plan for the Food Doctor Diet has individuals eating breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner.

Dieters are advised to focus on nutritionally rich foods. Dr. Marber states that many diet friendly foods or low calorie foods have a high glycemic index, which actually causes the blood sugar levels in the body to spike, triggering cravings.

For each meal, Dr. Marber has designed a specific food ratio to follow. For lunch, dieters are to eat a meal composed of 40% protein, 20% complex carbohydrates and 40% vegetables. For dinner, dieters are advised to eat a meal that is composed of 50% protein and 50% vegetables and no complex carbohydrates.

Recommended foods include chicken breast, eggs, fish, skinless turkey, legumes, raw nuts, tofu and veal for the proteins. Approved complex carbohydrates include brown rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread and couscous. Essential fatty acids that Dr. Marber recommends include raw nuts, raw seeds, avocado, pumpkin, oily fish, sesame oils, walnuts and olive oil. All fresh fruits and vegetables are approved.

Unlike many other diets, the Food Doctor Diet does not require you to focus on counting calories. Instead, dieters are advised to think about the nutritional value of the food they are eating.

This plan is very flexible and will allow individuals to customize their diet around their preferences. Additionally, the flexibility of this diet may make it easy for individuals to remain on it long term without feeling deprived or bored.

Things to Consider

To follow the Food Doctor Diet via its website and have access to its meal plans, recipes and guidance, dieters will have to pay both an initial fee and a monthly subscription fee. The website is more expensive than many other online diet plans.


Dr. Marber recommends that individuals workout a minimum of 30 minutes three times a week.


Recommended! The Food Doctor Diet focuses on eating a healthy balance of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. To maximize weight loss, dieters will want to focus on portion control and consider increasing their exercise routine to five or six times a week.


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