The Food Doctor Diet: 5 Snack and Sample Meal Ideas

The Food Doctor Diet was created by Dr. Ian Marber. This diet is designed more as a lifestyle change than as a short-term diet. Dr. Marber has released a series of books that provide dieters with meal plans, recipes and menus for the Food Doctor Diet. This diet is unique because it focuses on eating a healthy balance of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and essential fatty acids instead of calorie counting or eliminating entire food groups. According to Dr. Marber, without calorie counting or hunger pains, dieters can expect to experience permanent weight loss within 30 days on the Food Doctor Diet.  When on this diet, individuals are advised to eat breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner. Below you will find a list of snacks and a meal plan to guide you on the Food Doctor Diet.

Meal Plan

An excellent breakfast would consist of ½ cup of muesli mixed with 6 oz of yogurt, any flavor, and 2 oz of raw nuts. Enjoy this bowl of muesli with a cup of hot water mixed with lemon juice and fresh ginger.

For a morning snack, enjoy 2 rye or whole-wheat crackers along with ½ a sweet potato. You can top the sweet potato with 1 oz of goat cheese if preferred.

A filling lunch on the Food Doctor Diet consists of 40% protein, 40% vegetables and 20% complex carbohydrates. To follow this ratio, include 4 oz of skinless, boneless baked chicken breast with 4 oz of steamed broccoli. Have 2 oz of brown rice as a side dish.

For your afternoon snack, enjoy three figs, three strawberries and 2 oz of fresh goat cheese. 

For dinner, you will want to aim for a meal that consists of 50% protein and 50% vegetables. A nicoise salad would be an excellent option. Have a large bowl filled with 2 to 3 ½ oz romaine lettuce, ½ yellow bell pepper, 2 medium sliced tomatoes, 3 ½ oz green beans, 1 hard boiled egg and 6 to 8 pitted black olives. Top this salad with 7 oz of fresh tuna and your choice of salad dressing.

Additional Snack #1: Toast with Cottage Cheese

Enjoy one slice of rye or whole-wheat toast topped with ¼ cup of cottage cheese.

Additional Snack #2: Crackers and Hummus

Enjoy two whole-wheat crackers, one topped with 2 tbsp of humus and the other topped with 1/4 oz of lean deli meat and ¼ oz of cheese.

Additional Snack #3: Fruit and Nuts

Enjoy a piece of fruit. Recommended options include an apple, plum or nectarine, with 2 oz of mixed raw nuts.

The Food Doctor Diet is a well-balanced meal plan that provides dieters with sound eating advice that should lead to permanent weight loss. When following the Food Doctor Diet, include 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week to maximize weight loss.


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